Swamp Thing season 1, episode 6 live stream: Watch online

Swamp Thing -- Ep. 106 -- "The Price You Pay" -- Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Swamp Thing -- Ep. 106 -- "The Price You Pay" -- Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Swamp Thing returns to The CW for the sixth episode of its debut season. Here’s how you can watch “The Price You Pay” online.

This week, a brand new episode of Swamp Thing airs on The CW. The short-lived DC Universe series has been thrilling fans on its network TV debut and now there’s another thrilling adventure to consume.

The show has received praise from first-time viewers who have enjoyed how different it is to other DC Comics programming – specifically those on The CW. It has also kept those fans entertained while the Arrowverse shows haven’t been airing in their typical fall slots.

Swamp Thing has chronicled Alec Holland’s (Andy Bean) metamorphosis into the titular creature (Derek Mears) and his relationship with Dr. Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed). Though Abby is the only one who knows of his existence, some townsfolk are beginning to grow weary, aware that not everything happening in the swamp is normal.

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The previous episode saw Avery Sunderland (Will Patton) authorize Dr. Jason Woodrue (Kevin Durand) to take a team into the swamp and track down the creature. There is definitely a ton of scrutiny on Swamp Thing now and the question remains if he’ll able to stay Abby’s secret friend for much longer.

Meanwhile, Officer Matt Cable (Henderson Wade) has his own problems as his mother, Sheriff Lucilia Cable (Jennifer Beals), knows that he had a hand in Alec Holland’s death. How will the pair discuss his nefarious deeds and what put Matt up to it?

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How to watch Swamp Thing season 1, episode 6 online

As Swamp Thing already streamed on DC Universe last year, the whole season is available to watch on it. You can also watch it on The CW and, like its other shows, it will be added to CWTV the next day.

Full details on how to watch “The Price You Pay” can be found below. This includes the date, streaming information, start time, TV info, live stream and more:

DC Universe
Season: 1
Episode: 6 “The Price You Pay”
Stream: DC Universe

The CW
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 17
Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
TV info: The CW
Live stream: CWTV.com

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