Spider-Man: Breaking down what each actor did best

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Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire
NEW YORK – APRIL 20: Actor Tobey Maguire, starring as Peter Parker, films a scene on the set of his upcoming movie “The Amazing Spider-Man” near City Hall April 20, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images) /

Peter Parker

Some people see “Spider-Man movie” and forget that a good portion of Spidey’s story is Peter Parker. The guy behind the mask is a bigger part of Spider-Man than the hero. In the beginning, it’s where he received his morals and his drive to save lives. As his life continued, it became the source of a lot of pain. Peter has said on multiple occasions that his Spider-Man life is easier than his personal one – so much so that it even has a name. He calls it, “Parker luck.”

Tom Holland’s portrayal has made the character seem cool. Peter isn’t necessarily cool. His life is tragic and no one’s portrayal was more tragic than Tobey Maguire’s.

The reason Tobey Maguire worked so well was down to the fact that the first three Spider-Man projects were more Peter Parker movies than anything else. We witnessed how bad things were for Peter. Losing his Uncle Ben, not being able to be with the love of his life until the end of the second movie, and almost failing out of college; these are only a few of the emotionally-draining things that Peter went through. We didn’t get into him barely being able to afford to eat or pay rent.

Tobey Maguire did a masterful job showing how tough Peter Parker’s life really is. Holland and Andrew Garfield were also very good, but in terms of telling Peter’s story, Maguire did it the best.