Spider-Man: Breaking down what each actor did best

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The quips

Right off the top, Tobey Maguire is taken off the list when it comes to Spidey’s quips. He had a few good jokes, but not nearly enough. Yes, they were funny. Unfortunately, they were too far and few in between. Andrew Garfield, however, was a major step up from his predecessor in that department. He had the jokes and the mannerisms down. The scene in which he stopped the car thief (The Amazing Spider-Man) was one of the funniest Spider-Man scenes we’ve seen in the movies. It was like something right out of the comic books.

Then there was Tom Holland. His jokes were out of this world funny. Get it? Because he made them on different planets! I’ll show myself out.

It’s difficult to choose which of the two most recent Spideys is the funniest. They had their own brand of comedy and were in two completely different franchises. Tom Holland’s Peter is a high school kid who worked with the Avengers, Andrew Garfield’s Peter graduated high school and was starting the next phase of his adult life.

What is worth remembering is that Holland has been in as many movies as Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire combined – this gave him more opportunities to nail the character’s quips. The fact that Andrew Garfield’s jokes still hold up against Tom Holland’s says a lot.

Overall, it’s a tossup on which one was better.