Thanksgiving: What these comic book characters are thankful for

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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO Max

What are some things these comic book characters should be thankful for?

This is the beginning of the holiday season. The time of year where people should celebrate the things they have and remember not to take them for granted because everyone may not be as lucky.

Even fictional comic book characters have things that they can give thanks for. It’s certain that Wolverine wakes up and is happy that he has his healing factor. He has to remember how bad those times were.

In this article, this writer will highlight all the things certain comic book characters should be thankful for.

Captain Boomerang for Deadshot

Comic book series: Suicide Squad

Captain Boomerang should be dead. The new head of Task Force X Lok ordered Deadshot to kill Boomerang after returning him to Belle Reve. Boomerang knew he had it coming and was ready to accept his face. But at the last minute, Deadshot made a couple of moves that ended with him killing Lok and saving Boomerang’s life.

Captain Boomerang certainly isn’t a good person and he’s made some very questionable decisions over the years – decisions that have cost people their lives. He even told Deadshot that there were no hard feelings when he thought he was going to die. But he didn’t, because Deadshot spared his life. Hopefully, Boomerang will take this time to be better; consider his life as a whole and make better decisions. He most likely won’t and will continue to be a pain in the Flash’s butt, but we can hope, right?

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