Which other known Star Wars characters will join the live-action shows?

Ahsoka will lead her own limited Star Wars series
Ahsoka will lead her own limited Star Wars series /

Several established Star Wars characters joined The Mandalorian this season, which others are likely to show up in future seasons of The Mandalorian (or Ahsoka)?

Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano was an instant success in her live-action debut on Disney Plus‘ The Mandalorian, and as a result she will now have her own live-action series. The show also brought back Bo-Katan, Boba Fett, and Luke Skywalker himself. Which other familiar Star Wars characters could work well in The Mandalorian or the Ahsoka show?

The first season of The Mandalorian exclusively introduced us to a wide array of fun characters. No one had before been seen in any of the Star Wars movies or shows. Season 2, however, changed that in narratively exciting ways, bringing several well-known characters to the show. The first “reappearance” was a teaser at the end of the year’s opening chapter, where we found out that Boba Fett is alive. He becomes an impactful player later in the season.

Boba Fett has been the most renowned person to don Mandalorian gear in Star Wars lore. And the second canonical character to drop into The Mandalorian is a true Mandalorian – Bo-Katan. She is the heir to the Mandalorian throne, plus she is a former wielder of the Darksaber. It does make sense to have more Mandalorians in a show called The Mandalorian. And who is the most gallant Mandalorian of all?

At this point it would be almost disappointing if Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni do not bring Sabine Wren to the Disney Plus series. Sabine could tie into The Mandalorian perfectly as she was one of the few heroes of Mandalore. Like Bo-Katan, she is actually from Mandalore, she too once possessed the Darksaber, and she is almost as awesome as Ahsoka. Aside from being a Mandalorian, Sabine, like Din Djarin, is a former bounty hunter who ended up joining the light side.

The latest from Sabine is that she went to search for her jedi teammate Ezra Bridger, who disappeared into hyperspace on Grand Admiral Thrawn’s ship. Joining Sabine on that mission was none other than Ahsoka Tano. Now we learned in The Mandalorian episode “The Jedi” that Anakin’s former padawan is still looking for Thrawn. That makes it safe to assume that the blue meanie will be an antagonist on the Ahsoka show. If Ezra himself doesn’t also appear on the show, we should at least learn what has become of the young jedi.

Another Mandalorian that could show up in future seasons of The Mandalorian is Fenn Rau. He was once a leader of his own clan before helping Sabine and Bo-Katan liberate Mandalore. Once Bo-Katan was recognized as the leader of all Mandalorian clans, Fenn Rau became a loyal follower.

On the jedi front, Ahsoka was the first to be presented in The Mandalorian (unless you count Grogu). Chances are that we will see other force wielders in her solo series, but there are only a handful of known jedi left out in the galaxy and we already touched upon the story arc that was set up in Ahsoka’s Mandalorian episode, that may lead her to track down Ezra Bridger.

Luke Skywalker dropped in for that shocking climax of The Mandalorian’s second season and after saving pretty much every protagonist in the series, Luke took Grogu under his wing. So where will we next see Luke Skywalker and his new padawan? With The Mandalorian seemingly pointing Din Djarin toward the titular home-world, the jedi duo may have a better chance of returning in Ahsoka.

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Aside from filling in some of the gaps between Luke defeating the Empire and training his nephew Ben Solo, there would be the opportunity for Luke and Ahsoka to bond over their respective connections with Luke’s father. And how about the possibility of meeting a young Ben Solo in the Ahsoka series? Don’t forget that the Knights of Ren end up killing Luke’s jedi younglings, and Luke just happened to recruit a little green one.

Another potential jedi appearance could be Kanan Jarrus’ son, Jacen. He was born after his father was killed fighting the Empire, so Jacen may or may not be a force-wielder himself. It could be an entertaining plot point if he became a jedi like his father and receives training from his parents’ friend Ahsoka.

One final scene at the very end of “The Rescue” confirmed that Boba Fett will also be getting his own spin-off series, where he is the new leader of the criminal underworld on Tatooine. This opens the door for even more established Star Wars characters to join additional Star Wars television content. Are we in for a Boba Fett-Han Solo rematch?

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What other established characters would you like to see turn up in The Mandalorian or another Star Wars TV series? Let us know in the comments below!