The top 10 best Marvel and DC comics of 2020

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3. Wonder Woman: Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson

Two things that really shouldn’t go together are the phrases “post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland” and “Wonder Woman” and yet, here comes writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson with Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, blowing that notion out of the water.

This series is one of the best books that DC has put out on their Black Label since the imprint launched a few years ago. Which is also funny because there are two other DC Black Label books on this list. But really, this book is gripping, horrific, and, surprisingly, hopeful.

Johnson gets to the heart of who Diana is, even amidst the terrible, terrible things that happen in this series. He breaks Diana down just to build her back up, creating a fantastic deconstruction of the character that, in the end, emphasizes who she is and what she symbolizes. Most people think that Superman is the one who symbolizes hope in the DC universe, but the book asserts that it is actually Wonder Woman, which is hard to argue with.

Beyond the sensational writing that Johnson does in this series, his artwork is utterly haunting. Terrifying monsters, brutal transformations due to radiation, empty landscapes, and emotions all make their presence felt throughout the story and he completely nails everything that he is attempting to do with some stunning art. Brutal violence? Perfect execution. Emotionally heart-breaking moments? No problem. Everything in between? Fantastic. The art in this series is stunning from beginning to end.