Mr. Freeze and 10 DC characters who deserve their own Joker movie

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Joker, Joaquin Phoenix, Batman, DC

Joker. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO Max

Joker was an unanticipated success, but DC Comics is full of beloved characters craving their own standalone films.

The Joker may be the most popular comic book villain of all time but not even that could have prepared audiences for the way in which 2019’s Joker absolutely dominated the box office. Grossing over $1 billion – and becoming the first R-rated movie to do so – it received acclaim for Joaquin Phoenix’s performance and drew the veteran a ton of accolades (including an Academy Award).

The Joker film’s success was both expected and unanticipated. Joker was never going to underperform because of its comic book ties but its presentation as an indie-ish movie did leave some wondering if it could compete with the super-powered blockbusters that the genre is so used to producing.

Joker didn’t belong to any franchises nor was it building any shared universes. It was a gritty standalone story that felt more like a Scorsese flick than a comic book movie. In the end, it succeeded and the comic book genre gained a new type of film.

An obvious starting point for Warner Bros. considering how popular a character The Clown Prince of Crime is, but if they do plan on making more films of this ilk with DC’s rich collection of characters, there are some who absolutely must star in them.

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