12 Marvel Comics characters who will have a big year in 2021

Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WARHulk (Mark Ruffalo)Photo: Film Frame©Marvel Studios 2018
Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WARHulk (Mark Ruffalo)Photo: Film Frame©Marvel Studios 2018 /
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 04: A cosplayer dressed as Miles Morales Spider-Man attends New York Comic Con 2019 – Day 2 at Jacobs Javits Center on October 04, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for ReedPOP ) /

5. Miles Morales

Marvel Comic: Miles Morales Spider-Man

Miles Morales has proven time and time again that he is Spider-Man. His heroic feats have developed a great deal over time, evolving from beating up villains to helping people’s morale when they really need it.

In issue No. 17, Miles (as Spider-Man) helped a kid who was being bullied just by talking to them. A little web-swinging and a social media post saying he’s their friend helped too. However, as all superheroes know, there is also a negative side to being a hero like Spider-Man and Miles saw that up-close-and-personal. Dealing with the death of family members and feeling like it’s his fault it happened – a lot of the latter happened in the last few months and this year may not be any different for Miles.

How is Miles going to deal with the death/disappearance of his Uncle Aaron? This will be the second time he’s dealt with this. He didn’t even remember the first time until Ultimatum told him about his home universe. Then there’s that. Miles knows that he’s from the Ultimate Universe. How is he going to react to that? All of the trauma he’s endured all came back to him at once – that’s something anyone can struggle dealing with, let alone a teenager.

Miles is a great kid. Nonetheless, he’s still a kid. At some point he’s going to have a breakdown. Peter Parker has had more than anyone not named Logan. What kind of Miles Morales will we see this year? Will he be unsure of himself? More careful? Or will he confide in Tiana Toomes and tell her who he is?