Fox’s X-Men vs Fantastic Four movie: Everything we know

X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. /
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Despite not getting past the writing stage, the proposed X-Men vs Fantastic Four film has had some major details revealed.

During their tenure under 20th Century Fox, Marvel teams the X-Men and Fantastic Four had seen multiple interpretations of their characters on the big screen. While there have been rumors about the two groups colliding in a live-action epic in the past, they have only been recently solidified by filmmaker Paul Greengrass.

Greengrass spoke to the Happy Sad Confused podcast, where he confirmed that he had partaken in discussions with Fox that did not go any further.

"“They did talk to me about it. I wouldn’t say I was attached. [We] talked, and I thought about it, and in the end… [nothing happened].”"

While 20th Century Fox ultimately decided to stick with the direction that they began with the X-Men: First Class  portrayal of the titular team and the infamous 2015 reboot of the Fantastic Four by director Josh Trank, it would have been quite the spectacle to see the Fantastic Four and X-Men be at odds against each other in a live action film.

With Disney now owning both properties, after the company officially gained ownership of 20th Century Fox back in 2019, anything is possible with the brands. Marvel have already announced a big screen adaptation of the Fantastic Four, with announcements about what the MCU plans to do with the X-Men surely not too far away.

Let’s take a look at everything we have learnt about the proposed X-Men vs Fantastic Four crossover, and what it may have shaped up to be if it had been set into motion.