The new Invincible trailer highlights an important moment

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 28: Actor J.K. Simmons discusses "I'm Not Here" with the Build Series at Build Studio on February 28, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 28: Actor J.K. Simmons discusses "I'm Not Here" with the Build Series at Build Studio on February 28, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /

The new trailer for Amazon’s Invincible nailed an integral moment and set up the show perfectly.

Amazon Prime changed the superhero TV game with their adaptation of The Boys. A comic book interpretation that showed a different side of both the heroes and villains. It wasn’t for everyone, but that was the point. If every comic book show and movie was the same, the genre would fizzle out. Variety is what helps people enjoy superhero projects.

With the popularity of The Boys, Amazon is now ready to bring in another superhero show – one that is just as mature, but not as aggressive or vulgar. It’s Amazon’s Invincible. Having already released a trailer of the upcoming series, Amazon released a brand new preview clip, confirming the release date and highlighting a very important scene.

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The trailer portrays an integral part in Mark Grayson’s (Invincible) life. The relationship between Mark and his father Nolan Grayson (a.k.a. Omin-Man) helps mold him into the person he becomes. In this trailer, the two of them are playing catch (as only they could). A scene with a conversation that seems simple, but is actually the most influential part of Mark’s life because it’s when he figures out his identity. Not just with his name, but as a hero.

The conversation is very much like one a father would have with his teenage son – except the talk isn’t about the birds and bees. It’s about superpowers, heroics, and everything that comes with them.

“You actually are invincible.”

The trailer showcases how Mark is nervous. He has doubts about whether or not he’ll be able to be a hero. Nolan explains that his feelings aren’t something to be ashamed of, reminding him that “It’s okay to be scared” and “natural to doubt yourself” but that if he pushes “through that, and do what needs to be done”, he’ll “do just fine.”

Those words gave Mark the confidence he needed to continue being a hero. Lastly, Nolan said, “Kids your age think they’re invincible and it holds them back. Makes them careless. The thing is, you’re different. You actually are invincible.” Mark then rushes to see Art Rosebaum (who makes superhero costumes) and Invincible is born.

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This was the perfect scene to help promote the Friday, March 26, 2021 premiere of Invincible. Seeing Mark and his father effortlessly throw a baseball around the world and catch it with ease showed their powers in a very fun and effective way. To them, it’s no different than doing it in their backyard. You can’t help but smile at what you’re seeing because it makes for a very wholesome moment.

Besides the conversation, the animation was something that stuck out. It looked clear, crisp, and much like a comic book in motion. The colors helped make the scene pop as well. Seeing the baseball crash through a mountain was a nice touch. Sure, the teaser trailer highlighted this, but now we were given a chance to see an actual scene from the show. That, along with hearing J.K. Simmons (Omni-Man) and Steven Yeun (Invincible) voicing the characters, helped us get a clear view of what we’re getting – and it looks very good.

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