WandaVision: What’s hidden in plain sight in episode 7

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Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

The latest batch of Easter Eggs and clues from WandaVision may have tipped us off in regards to what nefarious scheme is actually underfoot.

When it came to theories, WandaVision‘s seventh episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” confirmed and debunked quite a few. Yes, S.W.O.R.D.’s acting director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) was secretly trying reboot Vision (Paul Bettany) into his own super soldier. No, Monica Rambeau’s (Teyonah Parris) aerospace engineer friend and contact seemingly wasn’t Reed Richards. And while Pietro may not be who he says he is, he may not be Mephisto either… maybe.

But of course, the biggest reveal of the Disney Plus show’s latest episode is that “Agnes” (Kathryn Hahn) is actually Agatha Harkness and was behind everything from the beginning. That includes controlling “Peitro” (which means she’s not working for him) and fooling Vision into making him think Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) was behind everything (which also means she wasn’t trying to escape the Nexus like I thought). And not only did WandaVision plant clues throughout the series that “It was Agatha all along,” the episode itself foreshadowed her villainous reveal. In addition, it may have also dropped more than a few hints about what the Hex actually is.

So let us go through a few of these clues and hints you might have missed the first time around.

The Color and the Shape in WandaVision

We’ve mentioned before about how WandaVision color-coordinates various characters to match up their comic book counterparts. Wanda is associated with red, as is Vision along with the color green. Billy (Julian Hillard) is also typically wearing clothes with the color red, while is twin brother Tommy (Jett Kylne) typically wears clothes with the color green. And Monica’s outfits are always have variations of blue, black, and white, the colors of her Captain Marvel II, Photon, Spectrum costumes (the S.W.O.R.D. jumpsuit she wears in this episode even looks almost like one of those suits).

Thus, since this is the episode in which “Agnes” reveals herself as Agatha Harkness, it only makes that she’s predominately wearing the color purple. Not only is her magical aura, which resembles Wanda’s, purple, but that’s the color Agatha Harkness typically wears in the comics. If you look closer at the fly in her house (typically associated with Beelzebub in demonology), it also has shades of purple, too. Plus, thanks to the flashback montage, we see that she was always wearing something that was either purple or violet, even during the black and white episodes. (Notice, too, in the post credits that Monica’s eyes glow purple instead of blue? Looks like she came under Agatha’s spell, too.)

As if WandaVision wasn’t already sneaky with its Easter Eggs, the episode also tips us off that Agatha is behind the Hex with hexagons. Or rather where it places them. Hexagons are all over Wanda’s bedsheet, almost as if she’s smothered and overwhelmed by them. There’s hexagon patterns all over the glasses Agatha gave Billy and Tommy to drink. Taken together, this foreshadows how Agnes, not Wanda, is responsible for the Hex and has been trying to control and manipulate her.

The question is why? Well, the episode may have also tipped us off regarding Agatha’s possible motives thanks to…

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