30 great Deadpool moments for his 30 year anniversary

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14. Deadpool annoys Thanos

Comic book: Deadpool No. 64

Writer: Frank Tieri

Some of us have been in situations where the person we love loves someone else. Deadpool was in this situation – except he wasn’t the scorned lover. No that person was Thanos. Thanos loves Death, but she loves Deadpool.

When Wade finally died (thanks, Weapon X), he was going to be with Death forever. Just as they were about to kiss, however, Wade was revived because Thanos refused to let Wade be with her. At the end of the series, Thanos says, “Consider yourself cursed, my adversary. Cursed with life!”

No one should be shocked by this. Thanos loves Death so much that he’s willing to kill half the universe as a tribute. It was probably an easy decision to bring Wade back from the dead. Although, Thanos didn’t earn himself any points with Death.

13. Deadpool Annoys Mephisto

Comic book: Deadpool No. 16

Writer: Skottie Young

Speaking of annoying powerful beings, he also got on Mephisto’s nerves. Deadpool’s former friend Weasel found a way to pay Wade back for all the horrible things he did to him. He used Ellie (Wade’s daughter) to force Wade into becoming Mephisto’s assassin. Wade agreed.

It didn’t take long for Mephisto to see the error of his ways. Wade quickly annoyed the lord of Hell. Mephisto eventually did something he normally doesn’t do. He ripped up Wade’s contract rather than have him in his employ. That kind of annoyance is legendary.