30 great Deadpool moments for his 30 year anniversary

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12. Deadpool finds Thor attractive

Comic book: Deadpool Team-Up Vol. 3

Writer: Rob Williams

Deadpool Team-up isn’t a series that people look back on and think, “Wow, this was a great. series.” Nonetheless, it did have a few great moments. Among them was Wade’s interaction with Thor.

At first, Wade gave up the fight because he was admired by Thor. As Thor was holding Wade in the air, Wade blurted, “I really find you attractive.” Thor looked at Wade, shocked that he said that. At that point, Wade realized he said that out loud. Thankfully, Wade was saved the embarrassment of admitting his crush further thanks to a villain calling out Thor.

11. Deadpool beats the Hulk

Comic book: Deadpool No. 4

Writer: Joe Kelly

After Deadpool’s decision in Canada to stop the radiation from spreading (see No. 18 on the list), Wade’s healing factor was almost gone. In order to get it back, he had to get blood from the Hulk. Wade was scared as anyone would be because no one not named Wolverine wants to fight the Hulk.

As predicted, Hulk easily handled Deadpool until, as Wade said, he pulled a trick out of the “super schmoe’s handbook.” Wade set him up to be impaled on a street sign and Wade got his blood sample.

Deadpool beat the Hulk. A sentence not everyone can say. Was it a Hulk that was depowered? Yes, but it’s still a victory over the strongest there is.