30 great Deadpool moments for his 30 year anniversary

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30.”I am the meat”

Comic book: Deadpool No. 11

Writer: Daniel Way

Deadpool was fighting Bullseye – who was dressed up as Hawkeye at the time. He was cornered in a meat locker with no weapons while Bullseye was armed with his bow and arrow. What did Wade do? He took a bunch of meat products and used them as armor. Complete with a pig head for a helmet. When Bullseye saw this he asked if he was serious. He simply replied, “No. I am the meat.”

As moments go, no one could have seen this coming. While it’s funny, it shows Wade’s creativity more than anything else. He’s always put in these random situations where he has to be creative – and he always is. This was among his most ingenious ideas.

29. King Deadpool

Comic book: Deadpool No 1

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Deadpool was hired to kill the King of Monsters in Staten Island. In typical Wade fashion, he succeeded, but there was a caveat. Whoever kills the King of Monsters becomes the ruler of the monsters. That, of course, meant that Wade Wilson would be king – a sentence that no one thought they’d say, but also love to hear.

Here’s the best part, Wade is actually doing a good job. Even the Night Wolf admits how well he id doing – and he was one of his biggest criticizers.

Ten issues into Kelly Thompson’s run and she’s already given him a memorable moment. It’ll be interesting to see how tragic this ends. Unfortunately, there is little chance that it will end any other way for Deadpool’s reign.