25 timeless Marvel movie quotes every Marvel fan should know

Avengers: Endgame (2019) poster. Image: Marvel Studios
Avengers: Endgame (2019) poster. Image: Marvel Studios /
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“We have a Hulk” – Tony Stark

20. Sure, you have an army, but…

Movie: The Avengers

The stage had been set. It’s the six Avengers versus all of the Chitauri soldiers, flying Space-worms, and Loki. The Avengers were severely outnumbered, they just finished fighting amongst each other, and weren’t a team yet. They weren’t going to let that stop them from protecting the world. It certainly wasn’t going to prevent Tony Stark. Even when confronted by a god.

Tony Stark met Loki in Stark Tower. Stark knew he had to stall long enough to get his new armor ready. This was an easy task. Tony Stark loves to talk and Loki equally enjoys telling people how wrong they are. During their conversation, Stark was going through each Avenger and their greatest attribute. Loki replied, “I have an army.” That’s all fine and well, but, as Stark simply said, “We have a Hulk.” That was enough to even make the most narcissistic of gods pause.

This was among the best lines in The Avengers. It was quoted from people in person and the internet. Memes were made with people comparing themselves or their favorite players saying, “We have a Hulk” as a trump card to an argument. It was perfect.  In the end, Loki discovered that having a Hulk is, in fact, a trump card.