Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War Thor Hands-On Review & Impressions

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Our friends at Sideshow were kind enough to send me my first ever Hot Toys figure. I was supremely impressed with what I got.

I fancy myself a bit of a Marvel collector. I’ve got my fair share of Funko POP vinyl figures, some Marvel Legends figures and even a handful of S.H. Figuarts Avengers figures.

I put them on shelves in my office, or pose them up on my desk to fiddle with when I get bored. Sometimes, I even venture out to my garage and take photographs of them. They’re terrible, but I have some fun with it.

But something I’ve never ventured in to was the Hot Toys line. Maybe it was the initial intimidation of going to the 1/6 scale (all my other figures were 1/12 scale), or maybe it was the imposing price point.

Now, much to the chagrin of my wife and bank account, I think I’m officially down the rabbit hole.

Our friends at Sideshow Collectibles were kind enough to send me a Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Avengers: Infinity War Thor figure. It was the first Hot Toys figure I’d ever had my hands on – and I’m hooked.

To start, everything about the figure gives off a museum/collectible vibe. The box art is amazing and vibrant – to the point where I’ve got it on display next to the figure itself. The base Thor stands upon is beautifully decorated. And Thor himself comes decked with accessories.

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Everything pictured above is what comes with Thor. You’ll get two sets of arms (armored and non-armored), a base and stand, four sets of interchangeable hands, Stormbreaker, a cape, two different eye-patches and eight lightning effects.

So in terms of customization, you’ve got a ton of options. Personally, I’ve got my Thor in his Wakanda battle look (no eyepatch, armored arms), pulsing with electricity and wielding Stormbreaker.

Kind of like this:

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Let’s talk details.

The lightning effects look great – even when the batteries are off. Oh, did I forget to mention that? THE FIGURE INCLUDES BATTERIES AND LIGHTS UP.

It looks great, because the lightning pieces are translucent, so they look pretty bright. And there’s a mix of a blue gradient to them, so some parts look darker than others. It looks very real – and when you’re dealing with a figure of this scale, bad detailing sticks out like a sore thumb. Luckily, this doesn’t have any.

The chest armor looks and feels great as well, and then pants have a pleather-y feel to them. They look great, even with the legs bent. They appear very natural when posed – not too stiff and not too baggy. And his kickpads have a ton of paint detail on them as well. They look like Thor’s been wearing them for a long, long time.

Both sets of arms have a great look to them as well. The armored set is a beautiful gun-metal gray color and the flesh arms have amazing detail. Sculpted hair, veins and covered joints make them look as real as the headscan.

And my word, the headscan really is something.

Sideshow Collectibles
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It looks just like Chris Hemsworth. The sculpt and paint work really bring him to life – detailing the beard, skin and hair in a way that you just cant on a 1/12 scale figure.

I think it would have been really great to have a yelling headsculpt as well (to capture that “Bring me Thanos!” look), but when this guy is posed up, I don’t think you’ll find yourself wishing for more.

I will say, that I did have some very minor gripes though.

For starters, it’s a good thing that the base and stand are so nice, because you’re going to need to use them. Thor’s ankles are on ball joints, which give you a really nice range of motion, but also mean he’s prone to falling over.

And with his paints hindering a lot of the movement you get out of the legs, it seems like the extra posability in the ankles might not be necessary.

Also, changing out the armor pieces for the lightning effects is a bit of a pain. They snap and lock into place (which is awesome), but that makes it difficult to pop back out. I spent quite a while getting those effects in.

But still, I can’t lie. This figure is great. If you were like me and hadn’t dipped into the Hot Toys pool yet, you’re missing out.

Want your own? Check out Sideshow Collectibles today for all the latest Hot Toys releases.

Luckily, Sideshow Collectibles have you covered. You can order this Avengers: Infinity War Thor figure today for $267. Or, you can get on a flex/layaway plan. I know that isn’t cheap – but trust me, this guy is worth it. The quality is incredible, the detailing is immaculate and the headscan looks just like Hemsworth. Plus, you get a beautiful base and a ton of accessories.

Sideshow also has plenty of other Hot Toys figures. Some are shipping now, while others are up for pre-order (including a very cool Iron Man Origins Collection figure). Whether you’re a Marvel fan, a DC fan, a Star Wars fan, or a fan of classics like Back To The Future, Terminator or Predator – they’ve got you covered.

You can check out their entire section of Hot Toys collectibles here. 

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