Is Killer Frost leaving The Flash?

The Flash season 7 dealt fans with a number of emotional blows in this week’s installment, but it primarily left them asking one question about Killer Frost: Have we see the last of her?

If you managed to get through the latest episode of The Flash season 7 without showing any kind of emotion, you might be the only one. The eighth episode of the Arrowverse show’s seventh season, it resulted in tear-filled eyes, jaws that dropped and eyes that also widened with shock.

There were a number of truly shocking moments in “The People v. Killer Frost” – one of which closed the episode on a huge betrayal for Barry Allen. But it was the episode’s titular narrative that left fans asking one major question about the show’s future… or the future of one character, at least: Have we seen the last of Killer Frost?

Frost surrendered herself to a life sentence as Caitlin Snow, Cecile Horton and the rest of Team Flash looked on. A triumphant moment for her in her bid to remove the meta-cure as a potential punishment for metas, it still left audiences in the dark about where she goes from here.

Will Killer Frost return in The Flash season 7?

It’s unknown if Frost will return in the immediate future on The Flash. The character’s decision to allow herself to be imprisoned for life may result in her literally being imprisoned at Iron Heights for life, but she will be allowed to keep her powers – even though she can’t use them.

Frost’s future remains a little uncertain for now but rest assured that The Flash would not tackle this story just to drop it midway through the season. One way or another, Frost will return. It just might not be in the next few episodes.

Is Danielle Panabaker leaving The Flash?

No, Danielle Panabaker is not leaving The Flash. Though Frost may be behind bars, the OG Team Flash star will be sticking around as Caitlin Snow.

Fans were worried that the recent departures of Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes meant that we’d have to bid farewell to Panabaker too. But no, as of writing, Panabaker will be remaining on the show as a series regular.

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