Titans season 3: Is Minka Kelly leaving the show?

Titans Ep. 101--Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / ©2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved
Titans Ep. 101--Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / ©2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Is it time to bid goodbye to Dove or is Minka Kelly going to return to Titans season 3?

Titans has officially returned for its third season. The former DC Universe series is now a part of HBO Max’s line-up and it premiered the first three episodes of its third season in a bumper triple premiere last Thursday.

Season 3 has been met with positive reviews from fans and critics, with many of them citing the show’s compelling storytelling, focused narrative and overall intensity among the reasons that it is a considerable improvement over previous seasons. And it has left fans with some interesting questions.

**This post contains major spoilers from Titans season 3**

The third episode of Titans season 3 left viewers in complete shock as one of the longest-standing Titans was seemingly killed after a bomb set by his former colleague and friend Jason Todd (a.k.a. Red Hood) exploded.

With Hawk seemingly gone, where does that leave his other half Dawn Granger (a.k.a. Dove)?

Is Dawn/Dove leaving Titans season 3 and when will she return?

Still heartbroken over the death of her beloved Hank (and broken by the guilt of being the one to pull the trigger that subsequently set off the bomb), Dawn chose to leave Gotham City behind in Titans season 3’s fourth episode.

“Blackfire” saw her console Conner over his guilt of not being able to save Hank on time before Dick Grayson took her to a hanger, where she then got on a plane to Paris.

It’s hard to know if this is the last we have seen of Dawn on Titans. The character’s arc was directly tied to Hank’s and, while it seems that she is being written off, there are two important things to remember here. For starters, Dawn said that she’s leaving “for now” and will see what the world looks like without Dove. That leaves the door wide open for her return in the future. And as for the other thing, well, Minka Kelly is still billed as a series regular for this season, featuring in all of the promo shots (and she’s not the only one) so she could return sooner rather than later (though it could be in a flashback episode).

Is Minka Kelly leaving Titans?

With the future of Dove uncertain on Titans season 3, there is one piece of news that might confirm those suspicions. That is the fact that Minka Kelly will appear in season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria.

While not much is known about her role, it could be a recurring part and might not prevent her from filming Titans season 4 (if the show is renewed and she is indeed a part of it). And it won’t have any impact on the third season which has completed production.

With all of that in mind, it’s likely that we will see Dawn again at some point (perhaps throughout season 3) but it’s unclear if she will be a part of the show full-time going forward.

New episodes of Titans season 3 debut Thursdays on HBO Max.

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