Doom Patrol spin-off reportedly in the works at HBO Max

Doom Patrol -- EP 209 -- “Wax Patrol“ -- Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Doom Patrol -- EP 209 -- “Wax Patrol“ -- Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Rumor has it that The Dead Boy Detectives could take center stage in a Doom Patrol spin-off.

Doom Patrol fans are gearing up for the show’s third season, which is set to premiere on HBO Max later this month, but it sounds like we have a lot more to look forward to from the former DC Universe series.

The show originally streamed its first season on the DC platform while its second debuted on both it and HBO Max. Following the confirmation that the DC streamer would evolve into a comics-only service, the show was renewed for a third season as a HBO Max exclusive.

That third season is almost upon us, but it could end up spawning that aforementioned spin-off.

Are the Dead Boy Detectives getting a Doom Patrol spin-off?

According to a new listing on Production Weekly, there could be a Dead Boy Detectives spin-off in the works at HBO Max.

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Created by Neil Gaiman and artists Matt Wagner and Malcolm Jones III, the Dead Boy Detectives first appeared in DC Comics’ Vertigo Imprint in an issue of The Sandman. They are the ghosts of two dead children, Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland, who, instead of entering the afterlife, decide to stay on Earth and become detectives investigating crimes involving the supernatural.

While there is no confirmation from HBO Max or Warner Bros. in regards to the Dead Boy Detectives TV series, the titular characters are set to make their live-action debut in an episode of Doom Patrol season 3. In said episode, the characters will be portrayed by Ty Tennant and Sebastian Croft.

Doom Patrol season 3 premieres on HBO Max on September 23, 2021.

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