Marvel: 4 huge X-Men reveals that mutant fans should know about (September)

X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. /
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The X-Men had a lot going on this month, from the Resurrection Protocols being discovered, Broo possibly becoming more like the Brood, and more. 

The X-Men always have something strange going on. This has been particularly true for Marvel‘s mightiest mutants since Jonathan Hickman’s Powers of X and House of X.

In recent months, we’ve seen this taken even further with events like the Hellfire Gala, which then led into the Trial of Magneto. The latter is going right into this month’s epic X-Men: Inferno. But that isn’t the only thing that’s happened this month. Here are some X-Men moments fans should know about.

Hank McCoy is dangerous

Comic book: X-Force No. 23

Hank McCoy has been quoted saying, “I’ll be that bastard. I’ll take the blame. I’ll earn the hate. If that’s what saves us from annihilation” (read X-Force No. 20 and then Wolverine No. 13 for more on that). Even before that, though, Beast has done some very questionable things.

Recently, he decided to keep a being that was supposed to be destroyed. That same thing got into his body and is doing who knows what. He’s lucky that Black Tom is there to help him out and be discreet.

Why is this important?

Hank McCoy’s behavior continues to be a problem. Emma Frost has already spoken to him once about crossing lines. He may have the quiet approval of Charles Xavier, but that won’t save him from everything. At some point, Beast is going to overstep and get Krakoa in trouble or someone killed. When that happens, he could be looking at a trip to The Pit of Exile.