Marvel: 4 huge X-Men reveals that mutant fans should know about (September)

X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. /
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Is  Broo a threat to the X-Men and Krakoa

Comic book: New Mutants No. 21

The Brood are among the deadliest beings in the universe. For some reason, they almost always end up becoming a problem for the X-Men. After they seemed to be extinct, they came back in full force. In X-Men No. 8, they made their way to Krakoa in search of the King Egg. At the end of issue No. 9, Broo ate the King Egg. He’s now their ruler.

Now we come to New Mutants No. 21. Broo said that he had the Brood under control, but apparently he didn’t. There are rogue Broods that have been against Broo and their new way of living. However, Broo never told anyone this was going on.

Why is this important?

Broo is an anomaly. In some ways, he’s the mutant of the Brood. He has all of his intelligence, rarely goes after live meat, and detests violence. However, there have been occasions where he has (see Wolverine and the X-Men for more on that). That’s the part that’s worrisome.

Broo may want to be unlike the Brood, but we don’t know if it’s possible. It could be something in his DNA that hasn’t emerged yet. Eating the King Egg didn’t help either because that may have ruined any hope of him living a different life. If Broo becomes one of them, he’ll make the Brood more dangerous than ever. He’s smarter and more creative than a lot of the scientists on Earth.

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