Titans season 3, episode 11 ending explained: Is [SPOILER] really dead?

Titans -- Ep. 107 -- Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Titans -- Ep. 107 -- Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Titans season 3 delivered its most jaw-dropping moment yet but what does it mean for the future of the show?

Titans season 3 has not been holding back. The former DC Universe series has been hellbent on making an impression on HBO Max subscribers since its arrival on the WarnerMedia service and that has allowed it to deliver its most compelling season yet.

With Jason Todd’s Red Hood rampaging under the tutelage of Dr. Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. the Scarecrow, the Titans have been losing control of the situation in Gotham City, which now essentially belongs to the criminals after Crane’s fear toxin allowed things to descend into chaos.

** Spoilers for Titans season 3, episode 11 ahead ** 

The war for Gotham’s soul escalated in the most recent episode of the show, as Crane and Red Hood’s grip on the city tightened and, with the Titans once again separated across the city, all attention was on public enemy No. 1: Nightwing. And that war culminated in a battle between the two former Robins in the heart of a city that had turned on its protectors… with jaw-dropping consequences.

Does Nightwing die in Titans season 3?

As Dick Grayson battled Jason Todd in the streets of Gotham City, they were met by a mob of angry Gothamites who had been manipulated into thinking that Nightwing was the problem and Red Hood was the hero.

As a result, one young man shot at Nightwing. While the initial bullets bounced off Dick’s costume and attracted his attention, he turned to face Jason for a moment. That slight distraction resulted in the angry citizen raising his weapon and shooting again. The initial bullets again bounced off his armor, but the third one hit Dick in the neck, severely injuring him.

Bloody and on the ground, the herd of Gothamites attacked him as he bled out as a stunned Jason backed away in disbelief at what had just happened.

Of course, it’s unlikely that Titans would kill off a hero like Nightwing. The show may have killed off some of its titular heroes in the past, but ensemble show as it is, Dick Grayson is the main character and it doesn’t seem that actor Brenton Thwaites will be leaving the show in the future.

On that note, expect Nightwing to defy the odds and survive. Don’t be surprised if Rachel Roth shows up to save him. She did, after all, sense his pain.

Titans season 3 adds a new episode to HBO Max every Thursday.

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