Fear State: Batman series proves why Scarecrow is Batman’s most underrated villain

Photo: Batman.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /

Batman: Fear State keeps rolling. In part three, Simon Saint’s plans are over while Scarecrow’s reign of terror continues.

So far, Batman: Fear State has the potential to become the best Batman story of the year. It’s also showing that Scarecrow is an underrated villain. He’s taken over Gotham City and put fear into the hearts of all of its citizens. This has been done before, but not like this. He’s made Gotham scared by feeding them lies. That fear has gone into his former partner Simon Saint and Saint’s Peacekeeper 01.

Saint sent his upgraded soldier Peacekeeper X to kill his predecessor. It didn’t work out at all. Scarecrow has been in Peacekeeper 01’s brain and controlling him for a while. This leads him to force his Peacekeeper 01 to kill Peacekeeper X. Saint makes a move in fear and hits self destruct on all of his creations. But he is sweating in fear and officially part of the Fear State experiment.

Scarecrow played Simon Saint beautifully. We saw it coming in the previous issue of Batman. However, seeing Saint scared and perspiring made it that much better. He deserves everything that’s coming to him, especially knowing that this can end with the Magistrate controlling Gotham like they did in DC Comics: Future State. The question now is whether or not Saint will recover, leave Gotham, or go crazy with fear.

Good news for Batman

While all of this is going on, Miracle Molly is in Eden with Poison Ivy, trying to talk Ivy into helping with the Fear State situation. Unfortunately, Ivy is too far gone. Without the other part of her personality, there’s no convincing her otherwise. She doesn’t care about humanity. However, Molly may not have convinced Ivy to assist, but she did realize what Scarecrow was going to do next.

The end of Batman No. 144 shows Miracle Molly approaching Batman after Saint destroyed all of his machines. She came right on time. With everything going on, Batman can use some good news.

Miracle Molly to the rescue?

In Eden, Miracle Molly starts talking about how she wishes she could use the Mind Machine they built on the people of Gotham. That’s when the lightbulb in her head turned on. Going by that, this writer can assume what’s next. Scarecrow could use a machine to make people even more scared than they already are. It’ll probably be the “spaceships” over Gotham. He’s going to use them to get into people’s heads like he did Peacekeeper 01 and Batman.

Miracle Molly is new, but she has been shown to be incredibly intelligent. She’s definitely someone we should trust. Whatever she’s figured out is most likely going to work. It’ll be a good way to prove herself to DC Comics readers. Plus, it’s likely that she’ll become the newest member of the ever growing Bat-Family.

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