Pennyworth season 3 not coming in 2021

Pennyworth Season 1 Gallery, Photo Courtesy Epix
Pennyworth Season 1 Gallery, Photo Courtesy Epix /

We’ve got good and bad news for Pennyworth fans. The good news is that the Batman prequel series telling the story of a young Alfred Pennyworth has been officially renewed for a third season. The bad news is that fans are going to have to wait a bit longer than they might have hoped for season 3 to premiere.

During the 2021 DC FanDome event stars Jack Bannon and Ben Aldridge revealed Pennyworth season 3 is happening with the series not only getting a new season but finding a new home for its third season.

In an unexpected move, Pennyworth will be moving from EPIX to HBO Max for its third season where it will become an HBO Max original and air alongside fellow DC Comics dramas Doom Patrol and Titanswhich have both been renewed for fourth seasons.

While a third season is happening, it has been confirmed the new season will not arrive in 2021 and will instead premiere on HBO Max in 2022.

Pennyworth season 3 release date

At this time, HBO Max has not announced when Pennyworth season 3 will debut; however, it’s looking like fans will have to wait until mid to late 2022 for the series to arrive.

In announcing the renewal of the series and its move to HBO Max, it was revealed the first two seasons of the show will become available to stream on HBO Max in early 2022. Considering those seasons won’t arrive until early 2022, it seems likely HBO Max will hold season 3 until sometime after so that subscribers have a chance to catch up on the show before the new season begins.

As fans will recall, season 1 debuted in July 2019 while season 2 dropped in December 2020, so it seems likely season 3 might premiere sometime between July and December 2022.

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