Eternals updates: Is Harry Styles in Marvel’s Eternals movie?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 02: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Harry Styles visits SiriusXM Studios on March 02, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 02: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Harry Styles visits SiriusXM Studios on March 02, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images) /

Will Harry Styles officially be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Eternals?

Eternals is almost here and Marvel fans are wondering if there will be one more huge name added to that already-star-studded cast. That name is Harry Styles.

Harry Styles is undoubtedly one of the biggest musicians on the planet. That, however, hasn’t stopped him from making quite the impact on the movie scene too. The former X Factor and One Direction superstar made a huge impression on cinemagoers in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and that has seemingly marked the beginning of a promising movie career.

With the singer set to star in Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman, it’s clear that he’s set to spend a lot more time on the big screen. However, could that transition into film lead to a role in the biggest movie franchise of all time?

Is Harry Styles about to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, some rumors do believe that he’s going to join the MCU in Eternals, but is there any truth to those rumors? Is he really about to appear in a post-credits scene? Let’s find out.

Is Harry Styles in Eternals’ post-credits scene?

It’s not yet known if Harry Styles will appear in Eternals. However, there has been a lot of evidence to suggest that he will make a cameo appearance.

Fans were sent into meltdown last year when Variety reporter Kris Tapley tweeted that Styles’ role in Don’t Worry Darling would not be his first major acting but his “Second if we’re counting the Marvel movie no one knows he’s in”. The Tweet has since been deleted but it created a ton of speculation that the star would appear in Eternals.

Adding to that, Game of Thrones star Richard Madden, who plays Ikaris in the MCU movie, previously teased that the movie featured even more famous faces that fans weren’t aware of. Moreover, he and Styles began following each other on Instagram during the filming of the movie in 2019.

Furthermore, Eternals star Salma Hayek also revealed that she knew Styles when she appeared on The Ellen Show and explained how her pet owl coughed up a hairball onto the “Sign of the Times” singer’s head when he was at her house.

Who is Harry Styles playing in Marvel’s Eternals?

While Harry Styles has not yet been confirmed for Eternals, fans are speculating that he will play Starfox. Debuting in Marvel Comics back in 1973, Starfox (also known as Eros of Titan) is a member of the Eternals that was born on Titan and is the brother of the Mad Titan himself Thanos.

Of course, the name Thanos invokes fear among MCU fans as the purple beast set out to wipe out half of the human race in the Infinity Saga, opposing the Avengers before the end of Phase Three.

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Would you like to see Harry Styles appear in Eternals? Do you think the superstar singer could appear in the post-credits sequence? Let us know in the comments below!