Is Conor Leslie leaving Titans?

Titans season 3. Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg / HBO Max
Titans season 3. Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg / HBO Max /

Titans will return for a fourth season, but will Conor Leslie be bringing Wonder Girl back or has Donna Troy left the building for good?

Donna Troy has quite the year on Titans season 3. Absent from most of it because of her controversial death in the season 2 finale of the former DC Universe show, it wasn’t until the ninth episode that she officially showed up (save for a brief dream sequence in the fifth episode) and when she did, it was in what was essentially Purgatory.

Catching up with Hank and helping Tim Drake get back to his life (all while Rachel was trying to resurrect her on Themyscira), Donna wrestled with whether she should go back herself. In the end, she did as Wonder Girl agreed that Jonathan Crane and Jason Todd needed to be stopped.

Donna’s role in the remainder of the season was to help protect Tim’s family from harm and wrest back control of Gotham City from the Scarecrow and Red Hood. While she accomplished all of that and helped the Titans in their end goal of defeating Crane, the season finale left her in a very interesting place.

The vast majority of the Titans decided to return to San Francisco (apparently in the hopes of starting up the Tower again) but Donna decided against joining them, choosing instead to spend some time with Dawn in Paris. And this has thrown Wonder Girl’s future on the show into question.

Is Donna Troy leaving Titans after season 3?

Donna Troy’s decision not to join the Titans in San Francisco does make it seem like she’s ready to leave that life behind. Does that mean that Conor Leslie has finished with the series? Not necessarily.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, we need to remember two things: First, Leslie was a series regular this season in spite of only being in six of the 13 episodes, so even though season 4 might start without her, she could always return midway through it once again. Furthermore, Vee offered her a chance to work with ARGUS in the future, so there is a strong chance we could see that happen in Titans season 4.

Nothing is official yet, so Wonder Girl could very well be a part of the next season.

All episodes of Titans season 3 are now available on HBO Max.

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