Is Damaris Lewis leaving Titans?

Titans season 3. Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg / HBO Max
Titans season 3. Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg / HBO Max /

Titans season 3 brought Blackfire’s arc to a close but will Damaris Lewis be returning in season 4?

Titans season 3 had a lot of stories to balance, but one of its primary ones saw the return of Starfire’s sister Blackfire.

Portrayed by Damaris Lewis and set up as a villain from her introduction in season 2, it appeared that Komand’r was going to serve as one of season 3’s main antagonists (alongside Jason Todd/Red Hood). However, the story took her in a different direction as she convinced her sister to trust her, joined the Titans and fell for Conner.

The show attempted to tease us with the possibility of her turning on her team, but she ultimately did not, constantly fighting alongside them (and even returning to them when she almost considered leaving).

Even though she chose the path of light, however, the season finale made it appear that she would be leaving the team after all. With that in mind, what do we know about season 4? Will Damaris Lewis return?

Is Blackfire leaving Titans?

It’s unknown if Damaris Lewis is leaving Titans at this point. Blackfire’s decision to return to Tamaran does make it seem likely that this is the last we’ll see of her for a while, but it’s not clear if she’ll be returning to the show next season.

Lewis was promoted to series regular this season after two guest appearances in season 2, with fans thinking that Blackfire would be one of the villains of the show’s third outing. While that didn’t happen, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Blackfire either.

Remember, Conor Leslie and Teagan Croft were both series regulars this season even though they didn’t appear until the second half of it. Using that as a blueprint, there is a real chance that Blackfire could take a leave of absence from the show as she returns to Tamaran to become queen before returning at some point throughout the season.

Her apparent exit was left wide open so Damaris Lewis could very well return next season. We’ll have to wait and see.

All episodes of Titans season 3 are now available on HBO Max.

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