Is Curran Walters leaving Titans?

Curran Walters in Titans Season 3, Episode 12 - Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg / HBO Max
Curran Walters in Titans Season 3, Episode 12 - Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg / HBO Max /

Titans season 3 concluded this week and the finale has left fans wondering what the future holds for Jason Todd’s Red Hood.

Jason Todd has been at the center of Titans season 3 since it kicked off back in August. We knew he would receive a starring role after the announcements at last year’s DC FanDome and it all came to life in the third season when the former hero became everything he once fought against.

Following in his comic book footsteps, Jason was killed by a violent attack from The Joker and was resurrected shortly afterwards, evolving into the Red Hood. Titans put its own spin on the story by having Dr. Jonathan Crane manipulate the young man in need of a father figure and slowly reel him into the plan he had orchestrated to take over Gotham.

In the end, though, Jason finally saw through the Scarecrow’s demented plans. In the season’s penultimate episode, the former Robin went through with the departure he couldn’t do the first time and agreed to help Dick Grayson take him down. In the finale, he did just that, assisting Nightwing and the Titans in stopping him once and for all.

However, Jason let the Titans finish the job, telling them that letting Crane know he helped stop him was enough. He then disappeared from the action, only to return later so that he could leave Wayne Manor once and for all.

Is Jason Todd leaving Titans?

While the season 3 finale of Titans season 3 made it seem like Curran Walters is leaving the show, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Not only was he incredibly active on social media when sharing the news of Titans‘ season 4 renewal at DC FanDome, he also followed the announcement up with a tweet confirming that “Redhood isn’t going anywhere”.

Jason Todd may no longer be part of the team of superheroes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a place for him on the show, so it will be intriguing to see how he fits into season 4. That being said, could we see him on his own show in the future?

Is Red Hood getting a Titans spin-off?

Ever since it was revealed that Curran Walters’ Jason Todd would be evolving into Red Hood in the show’s third season, there have been rumors of a Titans spin-off centred on the character, possibly based on the Red Hood and the Outlaws comics.

That news has yet to be confirmed. Some were expecting it to be announced at DC FanDome but it ultimately wasn’t and with the season 4 renewal (and Jason’s seemingly unfinished business with the team), it’s looking more likely that Red Hood’s redemption will carry on into the fourth season.

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Did you enjoy seeing Jason assist the Titans in the season 3 finale? Do you think Curran Walters will be in Titans season 4?