Titans season 3 finale explained: Who is Margarita Vee?

Titans season 3. Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg / HBO Max
Titans season 3. Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg / HBO Max /

Titans season 3 introduced us to the mysterious Margarita Vee but what is her real name and who is she really?

Titans had a lot of interesting new characters this season, but one of the most intriguing of them all was Margarita Vee. The reason for that? Well the fact that she was Barbara Gordon’s right-hand woman at the Gotham City Police Department and was privy to information that nobody else should have been.

We stopped asking questions about Vee (portrayed by Karen Robinson) as the episodes passed by because she quickly became part of the GCPD furniture. In fact, she already was. Why would we ask questions about an already-established character that Barbara clearly trusted?

However, Vee showed us how efficient she was in the Titans season 3 finale when she easily disarmed the corrupt GCPD officers that Crane suggested kill Barbara. She then revealed that there is more to her story than even the commissioner knew.

So, who is she?

Is Vee working with Amanda Waller on Titans?

Speaking to Barbara after saving her life, Vee revealed that she was really an ARGUS agent and that the organization was already in Gotham because of their intrigue in Ra’s Al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit he may have created there.

While there is no Margarita Vee in DC Comics (there is a Margarita “Maggie” Sawyer), Vee suggested that this might not actually be her real name. Speaking of names, though, the name ARGUS will certainly catch the attention of DC Comics fans as it is a United States federal agency in the source material. Moreover, it’s usually run by Amanda Waller – the person responsible for overseeing Task Force-X a.k.a. the Suicide Squad.

Could Vee’s presence signify the arrival of Amanda Waller? She did seem mighty interested in recruiting Donna Troy. Is A.R.G.U.S. looking into working with the Titans in the future?

We’ll have to wait and see in Titans season 4. Either way, Vee really turned out to be an intriguing and enjoyable addition to the season.

All episodes of Titans season 3 are now available on HBO Max.

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