Titans season 4 release date: When does the show return from hiatus?

Titans. Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max
Titans. Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max /

With the conclusion of season 3, fans are now wondering when Titans season 4 will make its presence felt on HBO Max.

Titans recently made a return to many TV fans’ screens with its much-anticipated third season arriving on HBO Max in August and it definitely started things off with what is perhaps the show’s best run of episodes yet. Taking the show to new heights, Titans season 3 had undoubtedly improved, upping the ante and earning a lot of praise from both fans and critics as a result.

Those new episodes saw plenty of dark days for the Titans as former Titan  Jason Todd – a.k.a. Robin – returned from the dead and evolved into the vengeful Red Hood. Under the manipulation of Dr. Jonathan Crane/the Scarecrow, he targeted his former friends in a highly misguided mission of revenge.

The season finale recently made its debut on the streaming service and it left the show, the heroes, the villains and practically every aspect of Titans in a rather interesting place. With the Titans now set for a new adventure, fans turn their attention to the fourth season.

Titans was indeed renewed for a fourth season, with the announcement coming at DC FanDome. With that in mind, when can fans expect that very much-anticipated season 4 premiere?

When does Titans season 4, episode 1 come out?

The release date for Titans season 4 has yet to be revealed by HBO Max. In previous years, the show would launch its new seasons in fall, with the first season premiering in October 2018, the second in September 2019 and the third in August 2021.

While season 3 was understandably delayed because of the production shutdown of 2020, that probably won’t happen to season 4. With that in mind, we should probably expect the show to stick to its fall release pattern and premiere its fourth season sometime in the fall of 2022.

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Are you looking forward to Titans season 4, episode 1? What do you think will happen in the fourth season? Did you enjoy the season 3 finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!