Doom Patrol season 3, episode 10 review: Amends Patrol

Joivan Wade, Matt Bomer, April Bowlby, Dianne Guerrero in Doom Patrol season 3. Photograph by Bob Mahoney/HBO Max
Joivan Wade, Matt Bomer, April Bowlby, Dianne Guerrero in Doom Patrol season 3. Photograph by Bob Mahoney/HBO Max /

“I know she isn’t completely lost, Rita. And neither are you.” Spoilers for Doom Patrol season 3, episode 10 follow.

Rita continues on her quest of revenge against Laura de Mille, but the Doom Patrol refuses to go along any further.

Meanwhile, the Sisterhood of Dada begins to help the Doom Patrol become whole again.

How did Doom Patrol season 3 come to an end? Here is everything that went down in the finale “Amends Patrol”.

End of evil

So the Brotherhood of Evil… they were set up to be the big bads of the entire season over the past couple of episodes, so this episode is going to go all out on The Brain being in Cliff’s body right? Well, like this writer, you’re a rube for having your hopes up after this entire season has been a let down. The Brotherhood of Evil has been an absolute waste of time this season, which is incredibly disappointing because they should’ve been the perfect villains for this show.

In fact, they were such a waste of time that Mallah literally just leaves Laura de Mille and Cliff alive and bounces out of the episode in a van. That’s it. There’s a good character motivation and reason for doing so, but it’s just not interesting at all and a total waste of the character.

As for The Brain, he barely has much to do in this episode beyond get stepped on by a giant robot that Laura (somehow) gets to work in a couple of hours and get tortured by Rita. It’s a waste. The Rita torture scene is excellent though. Not because of The Brain mind you, but because of April Bowlby’s performance.

All that said though, despite the utter waste of space that the Brotherhood of Evil was, the Rita/Laura storyline was great and ended well here. They both had great scenes throughout the episode, with Laura’s being her attempt at repentance, which leads to her being, slightly, forgiven by Rita. It was honestly really good.

Sisterhood patrol in Doom Patrol season 3

As for the rest of the Doom Patrol, their storylines have been lacking this season and this finale is absolutely no different. But at least in this episode, the show actually acknowledges the eternal flagellation and the Sisterhood of Dada as they come to help the Doom Patrol in the wake of the flagellation. Or at least some of them do. Basically just the ones helping Jane and Larry and even then it’s minimal.

For Larry though, the help he gets is that the larva he’s been carrying around is actually another negative spirit that he needs to merge with, which really, anyone watching could have seen coming from a hundred miles away. It was obvious. But this episode treats it as some big reveal and tries to use the character work that happened during the eternal flagellation with Larry as to why he doesn’t want to merge and it just falls flat. It especially falls flat seeing how Larry was saying that it had to be his choice to merge and then he kind of just does it anyway.

And then there’s Cliff and Jane. Cliff ends up powering the giant robot that Laura was using and well, he goes haywire. It tries to be funny and heartfelt at the same time, which works a bit when he has the conversation with his daughter, but otherwise, like Larry, it falls flat.

And everything about Jane and the other personalities, it’s just boring. It could lead to an interesting dynamic next season, but right now, it was insanely uninteresting which is disappointing because Diane Guerrero is always great.

Thankfully, this season of Doom Patrol is over as one great storyline couldn’t save the rest of the meandering, repetitive season.

All episodes of Doom Patrol season 3 are now available to watch on HBO Max.

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