Devil’s Reign: The Kingpin to prove how dangerous he is in bloody new Marvel series

Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix
Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix /

Marvel Comics’ Devil’s Reign trailer shows a New York where superheroes are outlawed by Mayor Wilson Fisk. 

In September, Marvel announced multiple projects coming in the near future. Among those announcements was an event called Devil’s Reign. Before you ask, no, this is not about Mephisto. The Devil here is the Kingpin and Mayor of New York Wilson Fisk.

In Marvel’s Devil’s Reign, Fisk is making his push to outlaw superheroes in New York. This is something that’s been done before. It happened in Civil War and again in Outlawed. Nonetheless, this time seems different. Unlike those previous times, the push wasn’t run by an evil person with a vendetta. The trailer shows how true that statement is.

Marvel’s Devil’s Reign will get emotional

The trailer for Devil’s Reign starts off brutal, showing us how Mayor Fisk’s foot soldiers attempt to unmask Miles Morales. They would have succeeded if Captain America didn’t intervene. Later, we see Ben Grimm jumping out of a window with Valeria and Franklin Richards after Fisk’s men attack or capture them in the Baxter building. There’s also the image of Taskmaster with his sword in the new Spider-Man’s chest.

That’s only a few things the heroes need to worry about. There’s also Fisk’s team of Thunderbolts.

Fisk’s Thunderbolts

Wilson Fisk is underrated when it comes to how he conducts his operation. Who else in the Marvel Comics universe can say they became mayor? Fisk knows that he won’t be able to enforce this law on his own. Because of this, he creates his own team of Thunderbolts to get the job done. After seeing this lineup, Fisk may move up the rankings of great villains.

It looks like the Thunderbolts will be led by Doctor Otto Octavius (a.k.a. Dr. Octopus). As fans will know, this is a villain who outsmarted Spider-Man and even inhabited his body (see Superior Spider-Man for more on that).

Crossbones is deplorable, but he’s gone up against Captain America and won. Taskmaster has beaten Spider-Man. Typhoid Mary is an incredible fighter; add her pyrokinesis to the equation and she’s terrifying. Shocker looks bigger than normal – he may not be Herman Schultz and that’s a good thing. Whiplash is an Iron Man villain and the possible weak link. But the team is rounded out by Rhino (the muscle) and Kraven. Both could turn on the Thunderbolts before the story ends.

The Marvel Heroes involved

As good as the Thunderbolts look, they’re nothing compared to the heroes. The Fantastic Four, Captain America, and Miles Morales have already been mentioned. Joining them will be Luke Cage, Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), and a few of the X-Men. Of course, there’s Elektra and Daredevil. The two who definitely started Fisk’s effort to outlaw heroes.

The difficulty of winning this war won’t be the super-villains. It’ll be the perception of superheroes that Wilson Fisk will portray. Fisk has a way with words that’s almost unmatched. He will go on TV and tell everyone that the “so-called heroes” are ruining New York. They’ll be filmed causing trouble and made out to look terrible. Despite Fisk being known as the Kingpin of Crime, he’s now the mayor and people have short memories.

Marvel’s Devil’s Reign begins in December of 2021. Stay tuned for more news as the series continues.

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