Joker: The truth about DC’s next generation of villains revealed

Joker No. 9 shows a lot of the inner workings of criminal empires and a connection to Jim Gordon.

The Joker series has continually proven to be more about former Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon than the Clown Prince of Crime. As the series continues, we’ve learned a lot about Gordon as a person, his secrets, and the things he’s been going through. For example, the trauma from years of dealing with Gotham’s worst and how it has all impacted him. Then there’s everything that happened to him and Barbara Gordon during Batman: The Killing Joke. It’s affected him more than he’s let on.

There’s a reason that Joker has revolved around Jim Gordon. In issue No. 8, we find out why. Gordon’s son is part of an insidious plan to bring more carnage to Gotham.

Someone is making new villains from the DNA of current and former criminals. The idea is to eventually send them to Gotham and fight Batman. In issue No. 4 of Joker, a Talon of the Court of Owls appeared in Barbara Gordon’s hideout. Before he could fight her, Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) popped in and beat him badly (and easily). After realizing the fight was lost, he made a hasty retreat.

After the fight, Barbara noticed that the Talon felt pain – something they’re not supposed to experience. This made her dig deeper into what was going on. After testing the blood sample, she found out that Talon’s DNA matches her dead brother James Gordon Jr.

How DC’s new villains connect to Joker

Before Gordon could get this news, he and Joker went with Dr. Friedrich Baum to his lab. There, they see all of the deranged experiments he’s attempted. Among the failed tests was an attempt to clone The Joker. It couldn’t happen since the chemicals in Joker’s skin ruined his genetic material.

Dr. Baum goes on to explain why he’s also responsible for the new Bane (who’s named Vengeance). He tells Gordon that the reason for making these villains is for nothing more than recognition. And, as he said, “What better way to advertise our wares than to pit him against your Caped Crusader?”

As Joker progresses, the story seems to dive deeper behind the scenes of villainy. Learning about the inner workings has been a fun experience, especially since it all feels like the beginning of something bigger. Yes, it feels like James Tynion IV’s run will conclude with something even more depraved. Since this is still a Joker comic book, few will be shocked when that inevitably happens.

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