Batman: Fear State ends with the Bat-Signal shining as Gotham is saved

Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros.
Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros. /

Batman and Miracle Molly stop Scarecrow and Peacekeeper 01 while Poison Ivy helps save Gotham.

The DC Comics event Batman: Fear State put Gotham City on the brink of imploding. Simon Saint and Scarecrow’s experiment to instill fear in people almost caused the city’s destruction. Thankfully, Batman and the Bat-Family were there to stop that from happening.

All three Batgirls, Nightwing, and Red Robin got to Simon Saint. They quickly got them out of Saint’s floating (read Nightwing No. 86 for more on that) fortress to be arrested by Commissioner Montoya. Meanwhile, Batman was fighting Peacekeeper 01 and Miracle Molly was taking back Scarecrow’s hold on her Mind Machine. Of course, Batman defeats Peacekeeper 01. For all of his enhancements, Peacekeeper didn’t have what it takes to beat the Dark Knight. That only left Miracle Molly to face temptation.

With the Mind Machine back under her control, Miracle Molly could change Gotham. She could take away the citizens’ trauma for good. With the push of a button, she could let all of Gotham start over from scratch. She felt it was the only way things would change. Batman disagreed.

Bruce showed her what was going on outside. Gotham was healing with the help of others. Despite what may have happened in the past, Batman believes that humanity can do good on its own. Miracle Molly wasn’t sure if he was right. Bruce told her: “I’m not sure I’m right either. There’s not much in this world I am sure of. But I do believe.” Molly then put the controls for the Mind Machine down, hugged Bruce, and told him she wants to believe too.

Poison Ivy is whole again

While Miracle Molly and Batman were saving Gotham on their side, Harley had to help save Poison Ivy with Ivy’s innocent side.

Back when Ivy died, Gardener took the innocent part of her and put it in a seed. After that seed was stolen and planted, Catwoman saved Ivy and hid her away. Now, in order to save Gotham, they had to become one. Ivy’s innocence didn’t want to be a missing piece anymore and Ivy was willing to give it a try.

It worked and Ivy became one person again. But the best part of the story came next. After releasing her hold on Gotham, Ivy used her pheromones to make the people in Gotham less afraid. This helped calm everyone affected by Scarecrow’s fear. Then, she used more of it to save the life of a child from the Unsanity Collective. After everything was said and done, the moment fans had been waiting for happened as Ivy pulled Harley in and the two kissed. Hopefully this leads to marriage!

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What’s next for Batman?

We knew that the Dark Knight would be leaving Gotham City. We just didn’t know why. Now, DC Comics has revealed the answers, stating:

"“After the events of “Fear State,” everybody—including the citizens of Gotham City and Batman—need some time to celebrate, heal and process surviving the plans of the Scarecrow and the Magistrate. Batman has retreated alone, into the darkness, only to leave Gotham when he finds out about a mystery involving Batman, Incorporated. This takes the Dark Knight on a new adventure, full of thrills, chills, and intrigue on an international scale!”"

With everything that happened to Bruce Wayne over the last year, getting away from Gotham is a good idea. Losing Alfred Pennyworth, his company and so much more, not to mention how the Joker War took a lot out of him physically and emotionally, he needs a break. With him gone, who will be Gotham’s protector? Thankfully, Gotham has its share of heroes to choose from.

Batgirls starring Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown begins soon. They’ll continue carrying on the Batgirl legacy with Oracle (Barbara Gordon) helping out in the control room. There’s also Batman (Tim Fox) who’s moving to New York and Nightwing in Blüdhaven. Both gone, but not far away. And, of course, Red Hood will be available as will Ghost-Maker and Harley Quinn.

Gotham won’t have a Dark Knight watching over it for now, but it’s still in great hands.

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