The Boys is getting another spin-off (and it sounds Diabolical)

Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /

Amazon’s The Boys is getting an animated anthology in 2022!

It only took two seasons for Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys to become one of the most popular comic book projects of our time.

We’ve seen comic book programs and movies that show a realistic and darker view of superheroes before. However, none of them were like this series. It was so successful that Amazon greenlit a third season before season 2 was even released and there’s also a college-set spin-off series on the way. Now, Amazon will be giving fans even more.

At Brazil Comic-Con, it was announced that an animated anthology series called The Boys: Diabolical is coming in 2022.

Who is in The Boys: Diabolical?

Deadline reports that The Boys: Diabolical will give fans untold stories from the show’s very grim and, well, diabolical world. In this show, there will be some fan favorites galore. Awkwafina (Shang-Chi, Crazy Rich Asians) Seth Rogan, Andy Samberg (SNL, Brooklyn 99), and Aisha Tyler (Archer) and more will be involved in this animated project! Executive producer Erick Kripke commented:  

"“We’re almost finished with eight episodes of our animated series, Diabolical. We gathered together some incredible creators and we gave them one rule…just kidding, there’s no rules. They blew the doors off it.”"

Garth Ennis being involved is huge news. He’s the mastermind behind The Boys comic book so it goes without saying that without him, the original TV series wouldn’t have happened.

This also means that we could see moments from the comic that we normally wouldn’t see in the show. For example, The Boys: Dear Becky which was a series that showed Butcher’s time with his team long before Hughie joined. The things they did here were evil, but necessary. While it would definitely be different from the comic, we may see some moments that resemble that and more.

This anthology will continue to fill holes in The Boys universe. It’s not just a great way to keep The Boys in the minds of people in between seasons. This series will tell stories that wouldn’t normally be told otherwise. There’s a finite amount of time in a TV series. Because of that, things will inevitably get left out. Now, we don’t have to worry about that or moments/stories being shoehorned in. We’ll see them here. If the animated series does well (and it undoubtedly will), there could be a second season.

We can assume that the show will push boundaries. This fearlessness has made The Boys one of the most watched and beloved shows of the last few years. The animated anthology will only add to this. So, get yourself prepared for something that’s going to make us laugh and shock us all at once.

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