10 best Marvel Comics moments of 2021

Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images) /
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6. Wilson Fisk’s war on heroes

Marvel Comic book: Devil’s Reign No. 1 (of 6)

Wilson Fisk’s hatred for heroes has gone on for decades. It isn’t just Daredevil that he has a vendetta against. Matt Murdock may be his primary antagonist, but Fisk hates any hero who has prevented him from committing crimes. Now that Fisk is the Mayor of New York, he has the power to act on his disdain. And in Devil’s Reign, he outlawed heroes.

The next issues are going to have a dramatic effect on the Marvel Universe. Will Fisk be able to stay in politics? There are people with enough power to either let him remain Mayor or make him President of the United States. President Wilson Fisk a scary thought. If that isn’t in his future, can Fisk go back to being the Kingpin of crime?

5. Mutant love wins

Marvel comic book: X-Men: Onslaught Revelation

Onslaught started coming back little by little whenever someone was brought back in the Resurrection Protocols. Legion found this out and went to Nightcrawler. They defeated the omega level threat with something that surprised this writer. They used love.

Nightcrawler had been looking for ways to connect everyone in a new way since Krakoa was established. He found it while fighting Onslaught. First, he helped Fabian Cortez get over his insecurities. Then, Nightcrawler assisted Fabian in being forgiven by a mutant whose family he killed. Lastly, Sooraya connected everyone at a mutant party. With their positive vibes and love, Onslaught shrunk.

Nightcrawler crushed Onslaught saying, “We. Rule. Us.”

It was the best win of the year in any comic book series.