Moon Knight: What to expect from the MCU series

Photo: Moon Knight.. key art.. Courtesy Marvel Studios, Disney+
Photo: Moon Knight.. key art.. Courtesy Marvel Studios, Disney+ /

Moon Knight’s debut trailer has given us a hint of what we can expect from the show.

Disney Plus continues with its slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe shows with the Oscar Isaac-led Moon Knight.

The highly-anticipated first MCU show of 2022 released its trailer during the NFL Super Wild Card game Monday night, and we got our first look at Marc Spector, aka the vigilante, Moon Knight. Here’s what to expect in Marvel’s chilling new show.

So, what can we expect from Moon Knight?

The Moon Knight trailer gave us a brief overview of Marc Spector and left us with many questions afterward. The six-episode first season will be filled with 45-50 minute episodes and from those we can expect to see Marc Spector go from ex-Marine, to mercenary (despite his feelings about, well, violence), to Moon knight (thanks to the Egyptian God Khonshu).

The show is in excellent hands with Jeremy Slater as head writer. Slater has several credits under his belt, his most recent success with Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. He also was a co-writer on Fantastic Four (2015) and Netflix’s Death Note. Another treat? George Clooney is believed to have directed an episode of the show.

Who else is in the show?

Starring alongside Oscar Isaac is Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow — the show’s antagonist. Harrow is a talented surgeon and scientist in the comics and plays only a minor role. It’s safe to guess that Marvel will amplify his role to play a more significant part.

Hawke revealed in an interview on Late Night with Seth Myers that his character is based on the former cult leader David Koresh, saying that “…he is the basis of great character inspiration…” So, will we see some cult following with this minor-comic character? Only time will tell.

In addition to Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac, Gaspard Ulliel will star as Anton Mogart—an accomplished art thief in the Marvel comics.


This show is undoubtedly going in the same direction as Doctor Strange‘s eerie themes — and it’s something to look forward to definitely. With a diversifying slate of new writers and producers, Moon Knight looks to be going for anything and everything above promising.

Watch the trailer here:

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Moon Knight premieres exclusively on Disney+ on March 30th at 12am PST/3am EST.

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