Marvel: The Death of Doctor Strange leads to a new Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF...? exclusively on Disney+. © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF...? exclusively on Disney+. © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. /

Marvel Comics’ The Death of Doctor Strange is over. What happened and is it worth buying or reading?

With young Stephen Strange revealing that Kaecilius was the murderer of his old self in Marvel‘s The Death of Doctor Strange, it was time to dispose of him and take care of the Three Mothers and their “child” Peregrine Child.

Strange defeats Kaecilius with a spell of regeneration. With it, Strange’s hands (that Kaecilius stole and made his own after the murder) are healed and brought back the older (and dead) Doctor Strange.

The Sorcerer Supremes of different realms came together to defeat Three Mothers and Peregrine Child. Once the battle is over, however, younger Doctor Strange fades away. After that, Reborn Strange tells Clea that he loves her and should have never let her go. Too bad this is where their story ends. As Strange himself said, “Death will not be cheated.” And with that, Strange dies again, leaving Clea to be the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

"“For all your stolen power, for all your rage, you are still painfully insignificant, Kaecilius” – Doctor Strange"

The Death of Doctor Strange review

When Marvel Comics announced The Death of Doctor Strange, this writer was excited. Whenever a comic book company says that a major character will die, it’s usually a big and fun event. However, The Death of Doctor Strange lacked the fun part.

This writer tries not to be too harsh when reviewing things. The creative teams put in hard work and dedication to a project. Unfortunately, sometimes that falls flat. This crossover event was a let down and the villains were forgettable. Few will remember the Three Mothers and the child, while Kaecilius being the one who killed Doctor Strange carried with it zero emotions. And, to top it all off the series had an abrupt halt.

This writer will only read this again if it’s for researching purposes.

Will Clea arrive in the MCU’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

Comic books and movies tend to imitate each other. The comics inspire the movies, yes, but sometimes, when the big screen adaptations produce unique elements, those are often incorporated into the comics. But could the silver screen’s Doctor Strange follow in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart on this occasion?

Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect as Stephen Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, he won’t be that character forever. He may not want to play the for years to come, or Marvel Studios may decide to adapt a story that could see the character written out, and that could always lead to a new character being brought in. At some point, a new Sorcerer Supreme may be crowned. If that were to be the case, it could be Clea.

With that in mind, this could be a great series from Marvel Comics to dive into (just in case it happens in the MCU). This writer loves the idea. Clea is a Sorcerer Supreme herself in the comics. The only difference is that her realm is the Dark Dimension. We’ll have to wait and see if Marvel brings her into the MCU. That said, don’t be surprised if it happens in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness given all of the rumors about that film’s potential cast.

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