Marvel: 6 Law and Order stars who should appear in the MCU (and who they should play)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 12: Christopher Meloni attends The 15th Annual CNN Heroes: All-Star Tribute at American Museum of Natural History on December 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 12: Christopher Meloni attends The 15th Annual CNN Heroes: All-Star Tribute at American Museum of Natural History on December 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images) /

These Law and Order characters have a place in the world of Marvel Comics movies or TV shows.

Law and Order has been around for over 30 years. From the original TV show came three different spin-offs. Each of them became popular for different reasons. However, there is one common denominator: The cast is usually phenomenal.

Throughout the years, actors from each Law and Order cast have gone on to do other things. Some of them became stars in comic book projects. J.K. Simmons was both J. Jonah Jameson and Commissioner Gordon, B.D. Wong was Hugo Strange and, of course, Vincent D’Onofrio is Wilson Fisk.

This writer fully expects to see more actors from the Law and Order franchise to star in future comic book projects. In fact, here are six Law and Order actors and who they could play in future Marvel Comics projects.

Christopher Meloni

Marvel Comics character: Human X-Men villain

Christoper Meloni’s character Stabler is a favorite of fans. The actor has portrayed an angry police officer for over a decade and remained popular. After leaving Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Meloni actually went on to be in a few comic book projects. He was Colonel Nathan Hardy in Man of Steel, Commissioner Gordon in Harley Quinn, and Nick Sax in Happy!. But why stop there? He’d be perfect as a human X-Man villain.

Christopher Meloni has what it takes to play a villainous role. It’s not hard to see him pull off the emotional and hate-filled speeches in a bid to turn people against mutants. Think Graydon Creed or Bolivar Trask. Any one of these would be ideal.

Ainsley Seiger, Marvel, Law and Order,
LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of” Episode 104 — Pictured: Ainsley Seiger as Jett Slootmaekers — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC) /

Ainsley Seiger

Marvel Comics character: Kitty Pryde

Ainsley Seiger portrays a tech savvy detective named Jet Slootmaekers on Law and Order: Organized Crime. That character’s incredible hacking computer skills and the sometimes snarky attitude she boasts would be perfect for Kitty Pryde.

This writer can’t believe that Ainsley Seiger hasn’t been cast as Kitty Pryde yet. She would be a perfect fit for the role and she could play the character for over a decade, allowing us to watch the character grow from an apprehensive teenager to a leader of the X-Men.

She looks the part and her role on Organized Crime has highlighted that she would thrive in a huge role like Kitty Pryde. What more do you need?

Richard Belzer

Marvel Comics character: Leo Zelinsky

Richard Belzer’s character, Detective John Munch, is a cynical conspiracy theorist. It wouldn’t take much for him to play Spider-Man character Leo Zelinsky (see Amazing Spider-Man No. 502 for more on him).

It would have been cool to see Spidey go to Leo for some costume alterations and to see Richard Belzer in the role as the character responds in a sarcastic way. It’s unlikely that this will happen. Nevertheless, we can think about what could have been.

Marvel, Ice T, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — “The Darkest Journey Home” Episode 21002 — Pictured: Ice T as Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC) /

Ice T

Marvel Comics character: William Lamont

In the late 1980s, who would’ve thought that Ice T would play a detective on a show for over 20 years? His sometimes naive ways, flawless comedic timing, and straight shooting attitude has kept his character popular for over two decades.

Since Ice T is already so good at playing a detective, let’s keep him there in the MCU. Detective William Lamont has a reluctant relationship with Spider-Man (see the J. Michael Straczynski run of Amazing Spider-Man for more on him) . He disagrees with superheroes fighting crime, but understands the necessity of them. This led to hilarious back and forth between him and Spidey. Picture Ice T and Tom Holland trading sarcastic remarks in a movie. There’s no way the audience wouldn’t laugh the entire time.

Dylan McDermott, Law and Order, Marvel
UNSPECIFIED – MARCH 07: Dylan McDermott prepares for The 2021 Critics Choice Awards on March 07, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for ABA) /

Dylan McDermott

Marvel Comics character: Mastermind

In order to do a proper Phoenix Saga (which we should see portrayed on a Disney Plus show instead of a movie), you need the Hellfire Club and a proper Jason Wyngarde, a.k.a. Mastermind, to go with them.

Mastermind should be played by someone who exudes overconfidence. His confidence in his powers should be high even when working with and against mutants more powerful than him. The actor must also look good when dressed up but also be capable of pulling off unnerved and disheveled. Dylan McDermott can do all of this in his sleep.

Over the course of his appearances on American Horror Story, he excelled at playing both a crazed serial killer and a troubled psychiatrist who cheats on his wife. They’re two completely different types of characters but neither are likable and yet McDermott was captivating in the roles. His role as Richard Wheatley on Law and Order: Organized Crime is also an example of how incredible he is, as he played a smooth criminal boss who was never truly down and out.

With all of that in mind, he would shine as this X-Men villain.

Mariska Hargitay, Law and Order: SVU, Marvel
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 25: Mariska Hargitay attends the “Law & Order: SVU” Television Milestone Celebration at The Paley Center for Media on September 25, 2019 in New York City.(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images) /

Mariska Hargitay

Marvel Comics character: Georgia Stacy

Seriously, why mess with perfection? Mariska Hargitay has solidified Olivia Benson as one of the greatest characters of all time. She did it by formidably portraying the character as an incredible detective and captain for the NYPD.

With that in mind, why not keep her in a similar field in a Marvel project and let her show off just how great she is in that capacity to an even wider audience (while also paying tribute to the character she made legendary)? On that note, why not have her portray the MCU’s version of Captain George Stacy? We have seen comic book projects gender-swap iconic characters when adapting them to the screen before, and this one would work incredibly well with Hargitay in the role.

Putting the legendary actress in a Marvel project, especially a Spider-Man one, would be a hit.

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What do you think? Are there other Law and Order actors you’d like to see play Marvel Comics characters? Let us know in the comments below.