X Deaths of Wolverine: Laura, Daken, and Gabby join the fight

A cosplayer in character as Wolverine (Photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images)(Photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images)
A cosplayer in character as Wolverine (Photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images)(Photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images) /

Charles Xavier asks Wolverine (Laura) to find out what future Logan is up to.

Marvel‘s X Deaths of Wolverine and X Lives of Wolverine follow different Logans.

X of Lives is all about Logan protecting Charles Xavier from Omega Red. X of Deaths, on the other hand, is all about Moira MacTaggert and her mission. At first, we assumed that she was trying to stop mutants from becoming the dominant species. This issue confirmed that theory and more.

"“Forever is where I live. I tried to take you with me. You chose not to come. – Moira MacTaggert"

Moira went to genius and billionaire Arnab ​​Chakladar and explained her multiple lives and how mutants have already defeated death. This was enough for him to believe help her. More than that, though, together they were going to try and stop mutants. It wasn’t just that. She wants his assistance to stay alive for an eleventh life.

"“I think you meant to say… Wolverines! – Gabby Kinney"

Meanwhile, Charles Xavier called on Wolverine (Laura Kinney) to stop the Phalanx Wolverine. Xavier doesn’t know what Phalanx Logan is doing. He only knows that he needs to be stopped. With the help of her sister Gabby and brother Daken, Laura set out to do just that.

Phalanx Logan begrudgingly fights loved ones. He tries to stop Laura from fighting, saying that he’ll kill her if he has to. He says, “You can come back from the dead now. You can’t come back from the dead later.” It wasn’t until Daken showed up and called him “dad” that Logan finally stopped. Wolverine sheaths his claws, looks at them, and says that he knows how they all die. Logan falls to the ground. That’s when Laura realizes the severity. This Logan is sick.

The last thing we see in this issue is Logan being the last mutant on Earth (see Powers of X No. 6 for more on that). Then, we see Moira looking very much like an Omega Sentinel combined with the Phalanx. We find out her mission. She becomes a cyborg to stay alive long enough to kill Wolverine, the last mutant on Earth.

X Questions of Wolverine

  • Why did Moira change her mind? Was it just because of what happened during Inferno?
  • Will Daken, Wolverine, and Gabby help Logan? Do they believe his story?
  • How will Mystique react to being killed by Moira? Will Destiny try to talk her out of pursuing her mission?
  • Is Moira really against mutants or is this a trick? You never know until everything is said and done.
  • When Moira shot Logan, did he absorb the Phalanx that she had? Did Logan kill her and then make his way to the present?
  • How did Wolverine get to the present? Was it the same way Omega Sentinel did?

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