Spider-Man: Marvel teases more tragedy for Spidey in new series

MJ (Zendaya) prepares to freefall with Spider-man in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.
MJ (Zendaya) prepares to freefall with Spider-man in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME. /

Marvel Comics says Spider-Man’s world is crashing down around him in his upcoming comic book series.

Peter Parker’s entire life has been built around tragedy. He constantly loses people he loves, the public hates him and, just recently, he was unable to be Spider-Man (see Amazing Spider-Man No. 75 for more on that). Now it seems like things are about to get worse for him.

Marvel Comics has announced The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 and, according to the new trailer for it, we haven’t seen the worst of what can happen to Peter Parker.

Watch it below:

What to expect from The Amazing Spider-Man

The trailer above shows a time of tough decisions and losses coming for the web-head. First, Mary Jane Watson may be leaving him (again). MJ is someone who has stuck with Peter through some horrific times. She may have left him over the years, but she’s always been there when he needs her. This time, however, it looks different.

The image in the teaser showcases MJ crying with a look of disappointment. Meanwhile, Peter looks indifferent; as if the choice that may make MJ leave is one he is okay with. Now we have to wonder what was so bad that MJ would leave and Peter would be okay with it.

Second of all, there are a lot of villains coming after Spider-Man. Madame Masque, Digger, Mister Negative, and Doctor Octopus are only a few of the villains that will appear in this series. As if one antagonist isn’t enough, Peter will be up against some major foes. And we can guess that the trailer only showed some of the villains! What happens if Morlun is among Spidey’s nemesis that comes after him? Can Peter survive these fights?

Lastly, and the biggest part of it, it looks like Peter caused a catastrophe that resulted in major destruction. There’s bright purple light and a giant crater with Spider-Man with holding a spider-shaped remote control. “What did Spider-Man do?” is the question that opens this Marvel Comic’ trailer. Is this the thing that made MJ leave? Did Peter make a mistake that got people killed? Was this a decision that had to be done, but Peter will regret forever?

The good thing is that no matter what happens, Peter Parker somehow manages to pick himself back up. He never quits. It’s part of what makes him one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. Nevertheless, this looks like a series that will change Spidey’s life for the foreseeable future.

Writer Zeb Wells will be joining returning The Amazing Spider-Man artist John Romita Jr. for this new series starting in April.

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What do you think, readers? Do you think this will be one of Spider-Man’s greatest stories? Let us know in the comments below.