Wolverine: Logan was Venom before Spider-Man and Eddie Brock

Photo: Venom (2018).. Image Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment
Photo: Venom (2018).. Image Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment /

X Lives of Wolverine shows Logan fighting Omega Red while being controlled by a symbiote before Spider-Man had the alien suit.

There’s a joke made in Marvel Comics about Logan having done everything. Considering he’s over 150 years old, it makes sense. He’s fought in both World Wars, had kids (Daken and an unknown in the savage land), been to space, other dimensions, and more.

Logan has also been bonded to the Klyntar alien, a.k.a. the Symbiote, a few times (see Venom and New Avengers: The Trust for that). What we didn’t know is that it happened way before Spider-Man got the suit in Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars.

"“I wasn’t being trained. I was being controlled, soaked through to the bone with…venom.” – Wolverine"

In X Lives of Wolverine, we see Logan on a table being experimented on by Dr. Abraham Cornelius of Weapon X. Before he starts experimenting on him, Dr. Cornelius is taken over by Arkady Rossovich, a.k.a. Omega Red, who is trying to kill Logan before he could start chasing him through time. Fortunately for Logan and Professor X, that didn’t work. As Arkady is attempting to kill Logan, the Symbiote takes over Logan’s body and fights back.

Eventually, Arkady realizes that this was a losing battle and escapes. Dr. Cornelius destroys the symbiote since it can’t be controlled. Because of this, he goes another route. This causes Weapon X to go with the Adamantium bonding on Logan.

Omega Wolverine vs. Sabretooth

"“The past ain’t dead. The past is death” – Omega Wolverine"

Meanwhile, Logan is being controlled by Arkady in another part of time. Instead of being stopped by Logan, Sabretooth is Charles Xavier’s savior. Sabretooth kills Omega Wolverine and drags Logan back to base to be mind wiped, thus keeping Xavier alive and the timeline in order.

Omega Red inhabiting Wolverine’s mind caused Jean Grey and Professor X to lose track of Logan. Before the two telepaths could find out how to get him back, Wolverine pops his claws in Xavier. We later see that Arkady has inhabited Logan’s body in the present with Mikhail Rasputin happy to be in control of Logan from Russia with the Cerebro Sword.

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