A reboot of Marvel’s Daredevil is reportedly set to begin production

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Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix /

Is Daredevil returning in a brand new Disney plus series?

By some miracle of happenstance, Marvel’s Daredevil may be about to return – albeit in a new form. As reported by IGN, a casting newsletter posted by Production Weekly references a “Daredevil Reboot” in the master list of shows that are either entering production or in the pre-production phase.

Furthermore, it’s listed as being a Disney Plus series and both Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Marvel’s Chris Gary are referenced as producers.

While there has yet to be any official confirmation from Marvel Studios, this is definitely an exciting report for fans.

Would a Daredevil reboot feature Charlie Cox?

While we don’t know what the plot of this potential Daredevil reboot would entail, it’s clear the Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, kept good on his promises from last year. After his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Cox revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that “I know a little bit — not a huge amount — but a little bit” in regards his character returning to Marvel, and making his full fledged MCU debut.

So if there is a Daredevil reboot in development, it’s clear that Cox will reprise the role of Matt Murdock. As far as characters like Foggy Nelson and Karen Page returning, all is unclear. But when it comes to Marvel pulling something out of their hat—but chances may be slim, but never zero.

What about his Spider-Man: No Way Home cameo? Kingpin in Hawkeye?

After Matt Murdock made a brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Peter Parker’s lawyer, and Daredevil antagonist Kingpin appeared as the main antagonist in Hawkeye, the chances of involvement from major characters or plot points from the show in the MCU increased drastically.

Moreover, now that Daredevil is on Disney+, so many doors have opened for the future of the franchise. After bridging a connection between the MCU and the former Netflix series, there are a handful of possible crossovers that occur.

From crossing paths with Kate Bishop in Hawkeye and the slim possibility of meeting Peter Parker again — there is no doubt in my mind the universe will continue to expand with all our favorite characters meeting one another soon enough.

Daredevil/Matt Murdock has been a huge fan favorite since his debut back in 2015 on Netflix, and still a topic of conversation after the show ended abruptly after its third season in 2018. So not only is his return exciting for fans of the series — but an incredible way to bring up a new set of plot points (and stories for the character) in the MCU.

You can watch Daredevil exclusively on Disney+ here.

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