Thor: Love and Thunder easter eggs you missed in the new trailer

Thor Love and Thunder. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2020. All Rights Reserved.
Thor Love and Thunder. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2020. All Rights Reserved. /

After ages of waiting, the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer has been released and there is plenty to dissect in the trailer.

From the various setting shots and outfits, we can see the movie is going to have a similar aesthetic to the comics. There are plenty of comic book easter eggs in the trailer. Did you catch them all?

Thor: Love and Thunder easter eggs

Taika Watiti and Marvel will stay true to the comics

In the trailer opening, we see Thor running through the years of his life. We first see him as a child, then as a teenager dressed in the comic book accurate outfit from the Jack Kirby comics. Finally, we see him in the outfit where we first met him in Thor (2011). Hopefully, we won’t see the blonde eyebrows return, though.

Forever the Strongest Avenger

In Thor’s attempt to get back into shape, he’s wearing a dad hat that has “Strongest Avenger” on it. It’s also in the old Avenger’s comic font, giving more of a nod to the franchise origin.

While getting back into shape, he’s using chains that looked to be holding a giant…but which giant? It could possibly be the Jotunnheim frost giants from Loki’s home, or possibly the new villain, Gorr the Butcher. Either way, I wouldn’t mess with them!

New friends, old friends, and promotions

In the trailer, we see our beloved Guardians of the Galaxy (minus Gamora) join Thor on this adventure—but also another familiar face: Kraglin. We last saw him in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  From the Thor franchise, we see Korg, Valkyrie (now King of Asgard),  and Jane Foster, who’s now the Mighty Thor.

Battle on Pangoria team up with Guardians

In the trailer, we noticed The Guardians standing amongst some blue-skinned aliens. We’ve met some other blue-skinned aliens in the past in Captain Marvel and Guardians Vol. 1, but this is a new species we haven’t met before? Some have speculated that these aliens are the people of Pangoria which appeared in the 1960s comic Thor #387.

A repaired Mjölnir returns

Here’s what we know: Hela broke Mjölnir in Thor: Ragnarok by shattering it into pieces. When we see Mjölnir flying to its new owner, none other than Jane Foster/The Mighty Thor: it looks like it was pieced together in the same shattered fragments that it was broken into four years ago.

If one thing is for certain, comic lovers will probably be massive fans of this upcoming Thor film, and it is setting up to be a fun ride.

Thor Love and Thunder will be in cinemas worldwide on July 8.

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