Did Mark Ruffalo get fired by Marvel?

Mark Ruffalo plays Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Incredible Hulk, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but was he fired by Marvel Studios?

Mark Ruffalo is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, and he has been for two decades. A regular face in film, his star power reached a whole new level when he was cast as Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Incredible Hulk, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ruffalo took over the role from Edward Norton, appearing for the first time in 2012’s The Avengers. He then went on to reprise the role in Iron Man 3Avengers: Age of UltronThor: RagnarokAvengers: Infinity WarAvengers: Endgame and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

However, if you’re one of the Marvel fans wondering if the actor was once fired by Marvel Studios, then we have some answers for you.

Was Mark Ruffalo fired by Marvel?

No, Mark Ruffalo was not fired by Marvel Studios, but he was playfully “fired” on social media by Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame directors the Russo Brothers.

Ruffalo, who accidentally live-streamed part of Thor: Ragnarok on his phone during the premiere of the movie in 2017, had a bit of a reputation for the accidental spoilers back then, so an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in 2018 decided to make the most of that.

Fallon asked Ruffalo to reveal the title of Avengers: Endgame, which was unknown at the time. Ruffalo then tweeted Fallon after the appearance asking him to cut the “spoiler slip” before the episode was broadcast as he could get into “trouble with Marvel”.

Fallon then jokingly responded, telling him that it was too late to edit as the final cut had been sent to Burbank for air, offering to bleep out the Avengers 4 title instead.

The Russo Brothers then responded to Mark’s original tweet, telling him “Mark, you’re fired.”

Thankfully, it was all part of a hilarious skit, in which Ruffalo not only revealed a title (which was bleeped out), he went into explicit detail about what his character was going to do in the film – all of which was playfully bleeped out during the broadcast.

So, no, Mark Ruffalo has not been fired by Marvel. In fact, he’s set to reprise his role as Bruce Banner in the upcoming Disney Plus series She-Hulk, which will see the character’s cousin Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) also transformed into a Jade Giant.

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