Batman: Damian Wayne becomes the new Dark Knight

DC Comics’ Future State: Gotham brings back Damian Wayne’s Batman 666.

DC Comics Future State wasn’t just an event in 2020. After it ended, the series continued in Future State: Gotham. In this world, the Magistrate is the law in Gotham City. With Bruce Wayne/Batman thought to be dead, his family steps up to fill the void. Even Red Hood does by joining the Magistrate to keep them under control.

However, the only way to save Gotham is to find Bruce Wayne. A mission accomplished by Talia Al Ghul. With Bruce back as the Dark Knight, he joins Talia to find their son, Damian Wayne.

Bruce and Talia make their way to Lazarus Island to find their son. When they arrive, the duo come across some deadly traps. After getting past them, what they see next both shocks and disappoints them. An angel named Zauriel was bound to the cavern.

Zauriel tells them that Damian trapped and forced him to reveal that Bruce was not in Heaven. With that information, Damian assumes his father is Hell. Armed with weapons specifically to fight beings in Hell, Damian journeys to the underworld to find his father. As we see, Bruce was alive the entire time.

It gets worse after that. Zauriel tells Bruce and Talia about a  prophecy. Damian Wayne returning from Hell dooms Gotham City. Right after Zauriel reveals this, Damian Wayne returns as Batman 666.

Batman 666 could end Gotham Future State

Damian Wayne has been Batman 666 before. This was in a world ravaged by extreme temperatures. It’s also where Damian sold his soul to keep the world safe and killed a Batman imposter to stop the apocalypse from happening. Batman 666 returning could mean the same fate for the Future State universe and it may be a good thing.

Future State Gotham is worse than normal Gotham City. That says a lot. It’s been bombed, overrun by law enforcement more corrupt than the Gotham Police Department, and there are two Jokers. If Damian can wipe Gotham off the map, he takes the worst villains in the world with him. If not for the innocent people who could die in the process, it might have been worth doing it.

It should be mentioned that Damian returned from Hell older and most likely more powerful and skilled. He also may not know that his father is alive. Even if he does, that doesn’t mean he won’t go through with his plan (whatever that may be). Batman 666 will be something that comic book fans should pay close attention to. It could very well end with the death of a major character and will undoubtedly lead to a lot of destruction in Gotham City.

What do you think, readers? Is making Damian Wayne Batman 666 again a good idea? Let us know in the comments below.