Does Ms. Marvel episode 3 have a mid credit scene?

Ms. Marvel episode 3 is streaming now on Disney Plus and it’s another eventful episode of the new series, but is there a mid-credit scene to enjoy after?

We’ve reached yet another Wednesday and with it has come the third episode of Ms. Marvel, which is now streaming on Disney Plus.

After a slower start, the third episode of the season finally introduces the season’s central villains and pushes the plot ahead in an episode that is sure to get fans talking.

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the episode ended with a handful of major cliffhangers which included someone learning the truth about Kamala’s secret, one character’s fate left up in the air and a major reveal that hints at a change in setting could be coming. The episode left fans with a lot to process, but was there a bonus scene after the credits that helps to hint at what might come next?

Does Ms. Marvel episode 3 have a mid-credit scene?

Sadly, there is no mid-credit scene to enjoy following this week’s episode of Ms. Marvel. We have to say, Disney Plus spoiled us by including a mid-credit scene in episode 1 as it developed a hope that we could see more bonus scenes as the season progressed. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case as there hasn’t been a mid-credit scene included in an episode since the premiere.

Does Ms. Marvel episode 3 have a post-credit scene?

There’s no need to stick around through the credits of Ms. Marvel episode 3 as there is no post-credit scene included in the episode. Instead, the episode fades to black once the full credits have aired.

Ms. Marvel episode 3 is streaming now on Disney Plus.

Are you disappointed that Marvel chose not to include a mid or post-credit scene in episode 3? Any predictions for when we might get our next credits scene? Let us know in the comments!