Does Dr. Owens die in Stranger Things season 4 part 2?

Stranger Things season 4 part 2 revealed the fates of many characters, but one remains up in the air as the show heads into season 5. 

Stranger Things season 4 came, saw and conquered… twice. The beloved Netflix series finally made its return to screens after a three-year hiatus in May, launching its fourth season with seven extended episodes. If that wasn’t enough hype for the show, it decided to split it into two installments, with two more episodes arriving on July 1.

Naturally, the internet descended into chaos on both days as fans consumed the new episodes to catch up with their favorite characters and see them battle the season’s new threat. And battle is what those characters did, as many of them went into the Upside Down in a bid to stop the beast from making his way to Hawkins, with shocking consequences.

One character who had to battle threats on this side of the dimension, however, was Dr. Sam Owens. The kind-hearted Hawkins Lab doctor was betrayed by Dr. Brenner simply because he wanted to let Eleven make her own choice. And that left him in a precarious predicament. Does Owens make it out of season 4 part 2 alive?

Does Dr. Owens die in Stranger Things season 4?

After speaking up against Dr. Brenner’s plan to hold Eleven against her will, Dr. Sam Owens was imprisoned by his colleague. Though Brenner threatened to kill Owens if Eleven didn’t fall into line, that didn’t happen because the lab they were in was attacked by the military.

Lt. Colonel Jack Sullivan crossed paths with Owens once again when he was already handcuffed by Brenner’s men. The Lt. Colonel attempted to have Eleven killed (going against Owens’ request to prove her innoncence) but El managed to use her returning powers to put a stop to the attack.

That said, we never saw Owens after that. Sullivan was left without transportation after Eleven telekinetically dragged the military’s helicopter into the vehicles, but he survived the explosion as he was underground in the lab at the time. That means Owens survived too.

But what happens to him now? We never saw or heard from him again before the season ended. Was he left to die in the underground lab, chained to that radiator? While that’s certainly a possibility, the more likely explanation is that Sullivan will interrogate him in the hopes of tracking Eleven down.

Here’s hoping that Owens returns in Stranger Things season 5 – and that the good doctor makes it out alive.

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