X-Men: Sabretooth is going to change Krakoa and it’s not a bad thing

Sabretooth being let out of The Pit will be a great thing for readers, but bad for the X-Men and some mutants on Krakoa. 

In the first moments of Krakoa’s birth as a mutant nation, Sabretooth was sent on a job by Charles Xavier, Magneto, and other members of the Quiet Council of Krakoa (read House of X and Powers of X for the birth of Krakoa). During that mission, Sabretooth (whose real name is Victor Creed) killed security trying to stop him, preventing Mystique and Toad from accomplishing their mission. Without Creed, the mission isn’t accomplished.

Later, The Quiet Council of Krakoa created the three laws. Those laws are to respect the sacred land (Krakoa), make more mutants, and kill no man. Sabretooth broke the last one. Because of that, he was the first mutant to be sentenced to The Pit. There’s a problem with this. The law was put in place after Creed committed the crime. A problem that Victor Creed took issue with in Sabretooth No. 4.

With the help of other mutants in The Pit, Creed pleaded his case and got out. Now the fun begins.

Trouble in Paradise

Let’s be honest about two things. First, Sabretooth is a killer and a horrible person. He’s proven time and again that he isn’t going to stop killing. However, those were different times. The idea of paradise could have changed him. He wasn’t even given the chance to change. He only killed those people because he had to. That brings us to the second part. Victor Creed was punished for a crime that wasn’t a law yet. He was used as an example. A mistake that has now come back to bite the The Quiet Council in their self righteous butts.

Victor Creed may look and act like a savage animal, but he’s smarter than he’s given credit for. During Marvel’s Weapon X (written by Frank Tieri), he almost found a way to become a major player on a Doctor Doom level. A few years ago, during Jason Aaron’s run of Wolverine, he was the kingpin of the underground in Asia. He almost took over the world as well. You can’t be out of control and do these things. Here we are now. Sabretooth found a way to get out of a life sentence he was arguably unjustly sentenced to. That mistake will cause a divide in Krakoa.

With help of Mole, Madison Jeffries, Oya, Third Eye, Melter, and Nekra, Victor Creed managed to tell all of Krakoa what was happening. The tales from these mutants have started to spread throughout Krakoa. More mutants will side with those that were in The Pit. They’ll start to see how something unfair can happen to them because of their past. This will start to make Krakoa seem like everywhere else in the world.

From X-Men to Exiles

After escaping The Pit, Sabretooth runs into Mystique and Destiny. The only two mutants on Krakoa that weren’t knocked out. Mystique easily took care of Sabretooth and was prepared to send him back to The Pit. That was until Destiny whispered something to her. After that, Mystique lets Sabretooth escape. Why? Because Destiny sees a future where Sabretooth is needed.

The last page shows Victor Creed in a wheelchair surrounded by mutants. A look that made appear like Charles Xavier. It helped that Sabretooth used Xavier’s catchphrase. Instead of X-Men, Sabretooth said, “To me my Exiles.” It looks like Victor Creed will lead a group of mutants called The Exiles. Will Creed be fighting the X-Men, mutants of Krakoa, or protecting the mutants that were outcasts? All of that will be revealed in Marvel Comics’ Sabretooth & The Exiles.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow for how Sabretooth coming back will affect the X-Men, Krakoa, and mutants in general.

What do you think, readers? Will Sabretooth’s return doom the X-Men and Krakoa? Let us know in the comments below.