Marvel: Strange Academy: Finals will debut late 2022

Marvel Comics announces the return of Strange Academy during the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con.

There are certain comic book creators that fans can trust to put out amazing work. Two of them are Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos. The two incredible creators combined to bring Marvel Comics fans Strange Academy. A comic book series that takes kids and teenagers from different walks of magic life and teaches them how to control their magic. It’s essentially Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, except with magic instead of mutants.

“I love drawing these characters, and Skottie gives them the best scripts to play with these kids, their universe, their concerns and powers, and the way they’d like the world to be. This new saga and chapter of their lives will be really insane.”-Humberto Ramos

The school brought the children of Enchantress, the son of Dormammu, and tons of other beings and put them in magic high. It had all of the teenage drama and life on top of having to deal with being different with mystical powers. Not shockingly, it became a popular series. After being gone for months, Marvel Comics announced that Strange Academy: Finals will be the next chapter in the Strange Academy series and issue No. 1 will be released on October 26.

“All of the high school teen drama between Dormammu’s son Doyle and Emily Bright is going to come back, but this is not just a continuation of the next day of class! You will see the ramifications of how the first series ended, and we’re going to be focusing on some really cool characters. And with the prophecy over the last few years…someone’s going to come out of this changed in a big way.”-Skottie Young

Strange Academy is a comic book that every fan should read. Especially if you like titles like Young X-Men or stories about high school shenanigans. There are also a lot of cameos from the older magic users like Doctor Voodoo, Magik, Wanda Maximoff, Asgardians, and more. There are certainly going to be more heroes and villains like that coming up. Particularly because the kids are in the Dark Dimension hoping to help their friend and classmate Doyle.

Readers should also look for some students to become villains as well. Situations like this never conclude without someone turning to the dark side. Maybe Doyle’s prophecy is something that can’t be changed.

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